Monday, April 15, 2013

Terror at the Boston Marathon *** Graphic Photos

At 2:55PM, the first bomb exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. We saw the white smoke and heard the boom. About 15 seconds later, the second bomb exploded a block down the street echoing the first. As of this writing, 144 people are reported wounded, 3 people are dead. One of the killed is an 8 year old boy.

This is the view of the two coordinated bombs that most people have seen -
The media was quick to edit what was shown and seen. The pictures everyone saw were rather plain showing property damage and blood spattered victims who escaped with cuts. The severest injured were kept from the public's eyes

The first bomb was placed in front of the Lens Crafters store. One interior glass pane remained intact indicating the bomb was constructed to blast the ballbearing shrapnel outward into the crowd. The black spot is the position of the bomb. It was later covered with a sheet of plywood to preserve evidence.

This is the area in front of the Lens Crafters store and the photo is about as close as we were shown.

The aftermath of that same area is grizzly enough, but still keeps the true image of evil from us.


The bomb was placed on the sidewalk and the shrapnel was blasted into the legs and lower bodies of the people in front of it. Limbs were ripped off and flung into the street where runners said they saw legs flying past them. The woman in blue had her leg torn from her body. A twisted leg and foot is under her, but may not be her leg.

This man lost both legs in the bomb blast and is lying in his own blood.

The women in the red jacket appears physically intact while those around her are horribly ripped apart. Near her hand is a boot and a bare foot. The shin bone is all that's left of the man's lower leg.

Having lost both legs, the man shown above receives aid to get him to an ambulance.

Authorities are questioning several "persons of interest," one of whom is a Saudi Arabian national arrested in a nearby park nearly an hour after the attack after people said he was acting strangely. Boston police say he is being cooperative, but denies any connection to the bombing. As of yet, no terror organization has claimed credit, neither has any individual.