Friday, April 05, 2013

Obama and Bloomberg Don't Know Much About Weapons They're Trying to Ban

Telling the assembled crowd at the fundraiser in San Francisco that California's Attorney General Kamala Harris was "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country," Obama went on to lie misspeak about the gun used at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He knew full well the long gun that was used is a semi-automatic, but went on to stress that it was a full-auto machine gun because he's losing the debate and semi-automatic weapons aren't as scary as full-autos and had to sex up the scare factor. NYC Mayor Bloomberg got in on the act during another interview unrelated to Obama's SF stunt. Bloomy went so far as to make the “bzzzjaaazzzztshazeet” machine gun sound that kids make when playing Army or Cops 'N' Robbers. He didn't do it right, so he obviously never played those games.

Via Jake Tapper and Hot Air:

Obama said,
“Now, over the next couple of months, we’ve got a couple of issues: gun control. (Applause.) I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon — by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly.”

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