Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Deliveries End at Pennsylvania Hospital

ObamaCare will cause the Windmer Medical Center to stop delivering babies after March 31, 2013 because hospital authorities can no longer afford the service according to projected reimbursements under the new health care regime. The hospital had been delivering about 200 neonates per year since 2005 when the obstetrics program was restarted. WMC is 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh and the nearest obstetrics facility is ten miles away.
Citing remarks made by Chairman of the Board, the Honorable David C. Klementik, the statement said, "...It was a difficult decision, but coupled with the recent and potential future changes in WMC OB providers, industry trends and market analysis, the board concluded that the timeliness and cost of recruiting a new team of obstetricians may not be feasible and therefore, may not serve in the hospital's or community's best interest."
"During the transition period, WMC will work closely with its expectant mothers and is currently in preliminary discussions with local providers to accommodate future births," the statement read. "Extensive and personalized communications will be shared with all current patients, and a WMC liaison will be available to answer any questions or concerns."
Officials aren't sure how many jobs will be lost, and said, "We understand this change will be difficult for some of our dedicated employees and are working closely with the Human Resources Department to provide assistance as able throughout the transition and beyond to place them in other areas where there are opportunities due to openings and / or growth within the facility."
Only one solution - government must identify school children with appropriate aptitude, train them to be physicians, and place them where they are needed. This should also be extended to all other professions and trades so that every field is populated without shortage or excess from gymnast to neurosurgeon to plumber everyone is employed and following a government approved bliss for the betterment and benefit of The Homeland... and, of course, for the children.


Tom C said...

It began with the loss of 90% of my wife's business. Now we begin to see the cuts in service.

Indigo Red said...

This is a bad development, Tom, but I'm afraid it's the only productive way to get the attention of most people.

Always On Watch said...

ObamaCare has also resulted in several health insurance companies in the Midwest being unable to offer any policies whatsoever. ObamaCare's regulations and paperwork are taking down entire companies now! That's the REAL goal of ObamaCare: destroy private health insurance.

Meanwhile, the health insurance companies that are still in business are raising the premiums.

A death spiral for private health insurance -- particularly for the middle class not employed by a government(local, state, federal).

Indigo Red said...

Very true, AOW. We didn't win the battle, but we did our part to the best of our abilities - you, Tom, me, and thousands of others warned what would happen. Now it's up to cold hard reality to knock some heads and if the sudden realization of smaller paychecks is any indication, there will be a lot of very unhappy people when Ocare fully kicks in.