Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Three Mandarin Oranges, Two Hard Boiled Eggs

...and an afternoon with my sisters, nieces and nephews is what I got for Christmas. How great is that?

Some people don't know and don't deserve what they've got. Twitchy has more examples - Spoiled ingrates complain about their Christmas gifts:

ZOONiGGA ; )@Zooniggah014got a dam TV I dont even watch tv like really i wanted a fucking iPad . but yet Jennifer gets a new laptop.! wtf fuck that!24 Dec 12
Shannon McKenna@Shannskii420I'm not trying to be a brat but my mom didn't get me one thing I asked for and she got me an iPad, I don't need this thing #areyouthinking25 Dec 12
Majesty@ebrianne17and my mom went directly against me. she asked me if I wanted the black or white iPad. I said white, of course. tell me why mine is black..?


Always On Watch said...


It seems that so many are now disgusting materialists!

Indigo Red said...

With an entitlement complex to boot.