Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama Creates Another Do-Nothing Task Force

Biden on pizza run for Gun Control Task Force
A political truism says, "When in doubt, create a committee." Obama tapped Slow Joe Plugs Biden today to head a new inter-agency task force to address the prevalence of guns and gun violence. I say, "Good." The BHO White House has created 86,000 task forces to tackle all the ills of the nation. Not one has resulted in any action whatsoever.
The president is well-known for asking groups of people to gather to discuss problems of national importance, including task forces on: working families, the middle class;Guantanamo Bay, commercial advocacy, Hurricane Sandy rebuilding, interagency ocean policy, childhood obesity, Puerto Rico’s status, federal contracting opportunities for small businesses, climate change adaption, financial fraud enforcement, and many, many others. A search on the White House website for the words “task force” yields 86,000 results. What exactly have these task forces accomplished? What legislation has been put forth? What executive orders have been put into effect? What do they do besides issue reports?
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