Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans in My Family

The Dickinson family (Mom)

Owen Leroy Dickinson USN WWI, maternal Grandfather. Later, he was a deputy sheriff  recruited into the FBI where he was on the teams to chase down the gangsters Pretty Boy Floyd and Machine Gun Kelly. He joined the KKK in Oklahoma as an undercover agent. The investigation, arrests, and trials severely crippled the Klan in Oklahoma. 

Owen L. Dickinson USN WWI, maternal Grandfather. Smoked cigars, when I was 5 yrs old, I asked him to drop the long, fluffy ash in my hand. He did. It was so hot I dropped it. He laughed. Lesson learned.   

Robert Dickinson USN WWII N. Atlantic, maternal Uncle. Joined FBI after the war and investigated Mexican drug smugglers in Texas. He and his bride were killed when his plane was sabotaged and exploded over the Texas lake they intended for their honeymoon. 

Hugh Dickinson US Army Air Corps WWII, maternal uncle

Roscoe "Dick/Rick" Dickinson Pre-WWII US Maritime Service, maternal Uncle. Lied to get into the service at 14 yrs, was kicked out; joined another branch, kicked out; finally Congress passed a law to allow under-aged enlistments with parental permission.

Roscoe "Rick/Dick"Dickinson, USN WWII, Korea, Vietnam  (USS Constellation). Had he lived in an earlier time, Uncle Rick would, no doubt, have been a pirate of the Caribbean. 

The Buda family (Dad)
Steve Buda US Army WWI paternal Grandfather. Trained at Ft Custer, S. Dakota in 1918. As his  regiment was packing  for the trenches of Europe, the war ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. His first wife and twin sons died in the Spanish Influenza epidemic.

Joseph Buda USN USS Converse WWII Pacific, father. Before enlisting, he worked in metal shop in Michigan making left-handed springs for British fighter aircraft and right-handed springs for American fighter aircraft. After the Pearl Harbor attack, he joined the Navy and was assigned to Destroyers. He served on one of the first ships fitted for radar fire control and saw the first successful night actions against a larger Japanese force at the Battle of St Cape George for which the destroyer squadron awarded a Presidential Unit Citation, equal to an individual Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross, or Navy Cross.

Joe Buda & Margaret Dickinson-Buda WWII Detroit (mom&dad)

Robert Buda US Army WWII, paternal Uncle. Uncle Bob served  in Texas throughout WWII and  as long as he was there, the enemy never attacked Texas. Everyone served where they needed. His daughter became an Air Force Major.

Ken USN USS Constellation, brother in law w/his mother. Ken served aboard the same  Air Craft Carrier as did Roscoe Dickinson, but many years apart. Ken married my sister, Indigo Rose.

Dana US Army, Patriot Missile Battery Tech, niece, daughter of Ken and Indigo Rose. She has served overseas in Korea, current at Ft. Sill, OK. where she survived a tornado. Husband Nick is US Army. Prepping to muster out.
Erin US Army 101st Med, niece, daughter of Ken and  Indigo Rose, sister to Dana. Erin married Marc, also US Army currently civilians.

Some guy. Seth USN Intelligence in CO, served aboard destroyer and missile frigate in Iraq War, Indian Ocean, and  Pirate patrol, nephew. Currently a civilian in school on GI Bill.
Not pictured: 
Pat, US Air Force, brother in law
Shilo, US Army, sniper currently deployed in Afghanistan, cousin and grandson of Roscoe
John, US Army Tank Corps, WWII Europe, Uncle
Steve, US Army, Cold War Germany, cousin

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