Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weird Weather

Weird weather is a common observation nowadays, but the weather is no more weird than it's ever been. Here in the Sacramento/Auburn area of California, we recently experienced two tornadoes a mile or two from my sister's home just south of Sacramento. Lake of the Pines, about 15 miles north of Auburn where I live, reported at least one twister in the foothills. And now the eastern seaboard is suffering through the very destructive Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Superstorm Sandy with high winds, rain, ocean surge, and snow.

So why are we having more tornadoes and hurricanes? Is it global warming? No. That's a load of crap. Global cooling? No. That's just so 1970s. Al Gore using his super secret and powerful quantum weather control machine ransoming the nation's safety for .... a million dollars? Mmmm, doubtful. Don't count him out, though, because the ocean level did rise. Not to the 20 feet Gore had said, only about half that and definitely higher than Obama had promised when he said he would make the ocean's rise stop. Maybe our government actually has the answer - the best answer. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, says,
"The United States today averages 1200 tornadoes a year. The number of tornadoes increased dramatically in the 1990s as the modernized National Weather Service installed the Doppler Radar network. The National Weather Service modernization also began the Warning Coordination Meteorologist program increasing partnerships with media and Emergency Management across the United States. This program also initiated the training of storm spotters across the County Warning Area of each Weather Forecast Office. With more people trained to relay information on storm activity to the Weather Forecast Office and improved communication and digital technology, more tornadoes could be reported."
Well, now. That seems reasonable enough.

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