Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Muhammad Film That Killed US Ambassador

The religion of peace is on the warpath again just as they were in 2006 over the Muhammad cartoons. This time, Salafist Muslims - ultra-uber-non icream eating-return to 7th century Muslims - attacked the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, breaching the walls, tearing down and burning the flag while in Libya the same Salafist Muslim organ stormed the Benghazi Consulate, killed the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a staff member, and two US Marines sent to repel the attack.

Ostensibly, the attackers say they are pissed-off because of a film made in the US by an American Jew that depicts the Prophet Muhammad in a bad light. LiveLeak says, "It appears to compare Mohammed to a goat and Muslims, according to, to "child-lovers." ... The man in the scene of his goat[sic - it's a donkey], "This is the first Muslim animal." He asks the goat if it likes girls; when it doesn't answer, he bursts into laughter and says, "He doesn't like girls," according to Stack. Other scenes in the above clip seem to portray Muslim Egyptian characters, who for some reason all have strong New York accents, as immoral and violent, particularly toward the Christians whom they pursue with near-genocidal fervor. A number of Islam's founding figures, including the prophet, are accused of homosexuality and child molestation."

The film is a little more than 13 minutes, poorly made, and uses translation in the crudest manner. The film goes by various titles - "Life of Muhammad," "Innocence of Muslims," "Muhammad's Trial" - possibly to thwart the efforts of video sites to remove it. The first video upload to You Tube was 2 months ago and have got 139,791 hits in that time til now - 5,017 likes, 14,984 dislikes. The same video host posted the Arabic dubbed version 1 week ago, receiving so far 142,980 hits, 328 likes, 9,393 dislikes.

Judge for yourself:

No matter our opinions and feelings concerning Islam(ptui), this film could have done nothing other that inflame Muslims. It does not help in any way, shape, or form. It only serves to stir the passions of the ignorant and manipulative on both sides of the battle lines. And now an American embassy people are dead with all the other personnel in a vastly more dangerous situation.

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Anonymous said...

"No matter our opinions and feelings concerning Islam(ptui), this film could have done nothing other that inflame Muslims."

Islamists have been "inflamed" for more than 1,000 years now. Someone making a tasteless movie is no excuse to go after and kill people not involved with it.

All the provocation necessary to cause violence is not being Muslim.

When are people going to understand this? If it were not this movie, it would have been something else; a drawing, a statement from some individual, anything.

Video games are not responsible for violence either, the people who commit violence are the ones responsible regardless their excuses.