Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mia Love at RNC Convention

What's not to love?

Mia Love, 36 year old daughter of Haitian immigrants is a Utah Republican running for a congressional seat and if she wins, Ms Love would be the first black Republican woman to win a seat in Congress. In a speech that received sustained applause Mayor Mia Love, Sarasota Springs, Utah said, “The America I grew up knowing was centered in self-reliance and filled with the possibilities of living the American dream.” Lonely Conservative

Love found her home in Utah after an encounter in a cellphone store with a man openly carrying a handgun. Over breakfast with the Utah delegation, she told a story that delighted some and left others gasping.
"He said, "Does this make you uncomfortable?"
I said, "No" And I said, "Is that a Glock?"
And he said, "Yes."
"A 26?"
And he said, "Yes."
A 9mm?"
He said, "Yes."
And I said, Great gun for a woman. That's exactly what I carry."
That's why this is home.

Via Legal Insurrection via Instapundit, someone has tried to vandalize the Wikipedia page for Mia Love. The vandal wrote Mayor Love is, “ a dirty, worthless whore who sold out her soul in the name of big business ….” and in a later attempted edit, “She is also a whore, and hopefully the editor who reverts this hates her as much as I now do.” 

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dymphna said...

An informative post! Thanks.

By the time I got to the wiki page all was fixed and I'd been hunting for the story.

We know Wiki up close and personal.
My husband, Ned May, runs our blog, Gates of Vienna. They had a Ned May hate page up for a while, which he ignored since he knew it would disappear in time. And frankly, he's too busy to bother.

Eventually it was wiki-winked out since he was deemed too minor a personage to rate his own page. But they continue running the Gates of Vienna page under their category "Islamophobes". Nothing neutral like "Islam Critical". Nuh uh: they stick with the word that Iran invented back when they were criticized for taking the American embassy workers hostage.

I like Wiki when it comes to information - science, history too old to be riven with politics, pages on individuals who have accomplished things outside the realm of politics.

America's political lexicon has been held hostage by the haters who control the portals of media, academia, and the swinging doors between and among those two and include also the connected lobbyists and Wall St banksters.

A cabal? For sure.

BTW, one of our supporters who has edit privileges at Wiki (and the time) got in and undid most of the untruths at "our" page...he noted that the page seemed to have been created and maintained by Norwegians.

Norway is run totally by the elite class. The circus of Breivik's trial uncovered some of their evil, but a suppressed population is bound to create more Breiviks...who will train their hatred AGAIN on the children of the elites - that is who Breivik killed en masse, while the "leaders" of these kids fled in boats instead of staying to stop him.

Now they're reduced to defamation of those who expose them.

Their anti-semitism deserves the "virulent" adjective it usually receives. I know one fellow who was fired for his insufficiently pro-Hamas enthusiasm.