Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama Claims Reagan Affinity & CBS Laughs

Scott Pelley, CBS News anchor, struggled to maintain his journalistic objectivity on Wednesday's broadcast. The cause was a clip of Obama trying to sell the "Buffet Rule" by again equating himself and his policies to Ronald Reagan. Snickering, Pelley queried CBS News political analyst John Dickerson, "So a vote for President Obama is a vote for Ronald Reagan?!"

Holding back his own guffaws, John Dickerson explained, "By using that Republican icon he’s trying to paint Mitt Romney and his Republican colleagues as so unfair that even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t agree with them. Republicans point out that when Reagan called for fairness it was part of a much larger tax cut and tax reform programs that Barack Obama probably would not support."


Mike's America said...

Obama hated Reagan and said in his book that the reason he got into politics was to overturn Reagan's policies.

I can't believe this fraud of a president would dare use Reagan's name. It just shows how totally corrupt and dishonest he really is.

Sadly, there are too many ignorant people in this country that won't know the truth.

Indigo Red said...

The calculus is really very simple - only 20% of voters self-identify as Liberal although the Democrat political party is the country's largest. The much larger population self-ID as Moderate to Conservative. The logical conclusion is that most Mods and Cons are registered Democrat or Independent and most Independents are so because the Republican Party isn't Conservative enough. Conservatives often register Dem in order to influence the opposition which has been among the suggestions of the Tea Party leadership in my chapter because California is a closed primary voting state. Evil has always made appeals to the good.