Monday, January 02, 2012

Life Immitates...

García Márquez.
A 91-year-old newlywed says she expects to spend a dozen more years with her 92-year-old spouse following their wedding at a retirement home on James Island.

According to media reports, Margaret McSpadden and retired Air Force Col. William Thomas married Wednesday at Bishop Gadsden.

Thomas is a World War II veteran and was President Dwight Eisenhower's personal pilot. He celebrates his 92nd birthday Thursday. McSpadden owned an antique store in Charleston.

The two were friends for more than 40 years. Both lost their spouses within the last two years. McSpadden moved into an apartment next to Thomas when her husband died, and the friendship became a romance.

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Anonymous said...

My wife asked me what I thought their sex life would be like and I anwered, "Depends" Don