Monday, January 30, 2012

Ask President Carter Obama

Barack Obama tried his hand at employment counseling during in the Google Plus live video chat room "Hangout." He answered questions submitted through Google owned YouTube as well as live questions like this from Jennifer Wedel -

WASHINGTON (The Associated Press)

President Barack Obama is trying to rebuild the American economy, one job at a time — literally.

The president asked an online town hall questioner Monday to send him her husband's resume, insisting he wanted to look into why the man remained out of work despite his background as a semiconductor engineer.

"I meant what I said, if you send me your husband's resume, I'd be interested in finding out exactly what's happening right there," Obama told the questioner, Jennifer Wedel of Fort Worth, Texas.

He told Wedel that according to what he was hearing from industry, such high-tech fields are in great demand and her husband "should be able to find something right away."

Wedel told Obama that despite what he said, her husband had been out of work for three years. She wanted to know why foreign workers were getting visas for high-skilled work.

Wedel's insistence that the president's claims about the demand for high-skilled workers weren't being born out for her husband led to the president's offer to take a look at his resume.

"I'll have to take you up on that," she told him. And Obama came back to it after covering a range of issues in the 45-minute session, telling Wedel, "Remember to send me that information!"
Obama often channels Jimmy Carter, but this time he was channeling Dan Aykroyd impersonating Jimmy Carter in a 1977 SNL skit -

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