Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Became My Mother Today

Years ago, when there were only three television networks and PBS and the remote control was one of the kids in the room, a commercial aired that reviewed history while panning from the top of a redwood tree to the bottom. It showed the time of Moses crossing the Red Sea, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and then an announcer said, "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin. The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii."

My mother, who had lived through the Great Depression and had heard the radio reports on December 7th, was lying on her bed reading when the commercial aired. She heard the announcement and cried out, "Oh, no! Not again!" My brother, sisters, and I started laughing because it was just a commercial and it was thirty years or more after the fact. Mom was very angry and no doubt embarrassed at being upset that the memories were brought up so unexpectedly.

Many times over the passing years, I've thought of that moment with amusement knowing I would never have such a moment. After all, I have always been far too aware of history and current events for my mind to fool me that a rerun as an original event. Until today.

The last few days, authorities have been investigating an "unconfirmed credible threat" to the nation possibly involving car or truck bombs, and maybe even a dirty nuclear bomb targeting New York City or Washington, D.C.  I've not paid too much  attention because an "unconfirmed credible threat" doesn't strike me as very definite. This afternoon, I turned on the television that was tuned to FOX from the previous night and was confronted with the sight of frantic Capital police yelling for panicked people to run from the buildings, quickly clear the area, there are reports of secondary bombs.

"Oh no! Not again!"

That was actually my second reaction after I recovered from the sudden rush of panic inducing chemicals to my brain. After several moments, less than a minute, I realized the "news report" was part of the FOX channel documentary programming for the 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary. I recalled my mother's reaction so many years ago and felt foolish for having laughed at her. The Japanese had attacked us once and history often rhymes with itself years later. We were at war in Vietnam then; we are at war with Islamists now. In both of our experiences, a repeat attack is not beyond imagining. The only difference is that today, the threat from Islam and Muslims is still very real, so real that authorities are right now searching for three Muslims, two of whom are reputed American citizens, who are suspected of attempting to plant vehicle dirty bombs in major cities to kill more people than we've ever experienced on home soil. I am hoping the reports are only paranoia, but paranoia doesn't mean the threat isn't real.

And old memories, well, they come back as a reality all their own. My mother was transformed by an act of savagery in her time;  I have been molded by an act of savagery in my time. It's not so far fetched to expect savages to continue acting like savages. Islamism is not a perversion of religion; Islam is a religion of perversion. I am offended to be told to never forget 9/11. I cannot, I will not, forget 9/11. Just as my mother's generation cannot forgive and forget what was done to them, neither can I forgive Islam for 9/11 and what it has done to me.

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"Have We All Gone Mad?"

Oskar Freysinger, Swiss MP, is loud, agitated, routinely uses poetry and metaphors to explain his views. Mostly, he's clear as a church bell.


Europe is an idea
a cultural landscape, an intellectual space shaped by history
Europe is the cradle of the modern constitutional democracy,
the treasure-house of human rights, of freedom of opinion and expression.
Or at least it use to be that, until recently.
This has increasingly been put into danger
as our political elite bend their necks before a certain religious dogma
which is completely alien to our intellectual history, our values and rule of law.
This dogma is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws,
wherever it is granted the space to do so
This dogma demands total obedience from its followers.
"They should never integrate into our system of values"
That would be "treason" to them and is even be punishable by death.
They are supposed to conquer and subdue our western world.
Not with tanks, rockets or riflemen.
Something they could never accomplish, anyway.
Not through brutal revolt.
No, Islam is in no hurry. It has an eternity.
A long process of demoralization and slow motion occupation
of our weakened child-poor society is foreseen.
The Islamic doctrine is intended to creep into our everyday life bit by bit
and make Fortress Europe crumble from within.
Just think of how the Serbs lost Kosovo.
Through demographic development and the help of NATO,
which aided the founding of the first Islamic state on European soil.
What a suicidal undertaking.
What an ominous sign.
The Islamic dogma is now imposing itself everywhere.
In Turkey, the Islamists are gradually occupying all judicial and army posts,
in order to obliterate the heritage of Kemal Atatürk.
Lebanon will become an Islamic state in the next decades.
The Arab Spring is on the point of being taken over by the Islamists.
In Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan, the last Christian communities are facing extinction.
And what are we doing?
We are allowing this violent doctrine in
to subvert our rule of law, wholly unhindered in our cultural ghettos.
Have we gone mad?!
Now is the time to stand up!
Come on!
We just shrug our shoulders when girls are forced into marriage
and integrated Muslims are pressured and threatened.
And we look the other way, as the women are beaten
and whole city districts taken over.
We think we can soften the power-lusting "holy warriors" with social benefits
We think we can buy our way to peace of mind!
What lunacy!
The prophet´s beard is not for fondling!
Fanatics cannot be bought.
Germany should know this, more so than any other country in the world.
My dear friends in the audience, we are not fighting against people
we are fighting FOR people!
We are fighting against a dogma that despises all humanity
and wants to push us back into barbarity.
We will not easily give up the freedom,
for which we have fought so hard over the centuries.
Dear Berliners, here I stand.
I cannot do otherwise!
Because no one in Europe will stand up
even for the very pillar of our civilization, our rule of law, our humanity
The transcendental, unconditional "Love thy neighbor",
THAT is the pillar!

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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Friday, September 09, 2011


The phrase "banality of evil" has itself become banal and does not quite describe Mohammed Atta as an NPR story labels him. Banal means "so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring." That was not Atta, the murderer-terrorist-Muslim-hijacker-pilot of American Airlines Flight 11 who crashed the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001.

Terry McDermott, author of Perfect Soldiers, a biography of the 9/11 killers, wrote:

"... Atta hated to eat. He found it boring. He used to boil a bag of potatoes, mash them up, and leave a mound on a plate in the refrigerator. When he was hungry, he would simply grab a spoon and take a chunk out of his potato mountain."

That is not lacking in originality. Nor is it obvious. The choice of potatoes may be boring, but not the fact of the choice. What it is, is just plain odd, strange, and weird.

McDermott further writes:
"He was a strange fellow, by almost any measure. ...He wasn't pleasant in almost any setting. It's almost surprising he had any friends at all."

"Atta was, above all, dutiful. He was a fellow who would do what he was told," McDermott says. "He was a capable guy, and he was bright, but he just had no initiative of his own."

Above all, Mohammed Atta was Muslim.

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Read This Post Right Away

Pass this jobs bill, and we can put people to work. Pass this jobs bill, and thousands of teachers in every state will go back to work. Pass this job bill, and we'll cure cancer, sprout wings, and fly. National Journal

Check out the Speaker's desk top. It goes down just like Obama's approvals.

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Obama Expresses Essential American Truth

"Yes, we are rugged individualists." Obama, Sept 8, 2011.

SF Gate

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

See the President's Address Here

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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