Sunday, October 23, 2011

Senate Voted to Cut Farm Subsidies

Appalachian Pumpkin Patch Landscape - Walt Curlee
By a vote of 84-15, a Senate coalition of conservative Republicans wanting the federal budget cut and liberal Democrats wanting to tax millionaires, voted Friday to cut off farm subsidies to farmers already making a million dollars or more.
"Rather than taxing millionaires, the first thing we ought to do is quit giving them subsidies," said Sen. Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Republican who offered the amendment to the massive spending bill the Senate was debating into the early morning hours Friday.

President Obama and his congressional allies have tried to impose a surtax on those with million-dollar incomes, but Republicans and a few Democrats have blocked those efforts each time, showing little stomach for tax increases.
However, another Coburn amendment to withhold federal dollars from slumlords who run dangerous public housing projects, failed 59-40.

Apparently, one Senator didn't show up for work Friday, but it's a good start anyway.

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Anonymous said...

This is adifficult subject. The small mom and pop farms are struggling and need the help but it seems that most of the money ends up in the pockets of fat cat donors. Don

Indigo Red said...

It's targetted at the "Christmas tree" farmers who split there large farms into smaller pieces among family members so that each member receives Fed dollars for what was once one farm. And to maximize payments, they tell the gov't they are planting a crop that is on the restricted grow list so the gov't pays more NOT to grow that crop. Many of the so-called farmers don't live on their farms, have never seen their farms, and live year round in their homes in the cities. Farms for these folks are an investment in gov't welfare.

Mom&Pop farms are for the most part a myth nowadays as they are at the tender mercies of large farm suppliers and processors each telling the small farmer what the big company will sell to and buy from the the small farmer. My uncle had several turkey ranches here in CA and made a good living supplying thousands of tukeys for various holidays. Then the turkey poult suppliers began selling only the big breasted white turkeys and processors were buying only the big breasted whites. Once only the whites were available, the big supply companies dictated the feed type, indoor growing was dictated as no field raised birds were purchased, etc. In essence, the poult suppliers, processors, and equipment suppliers determined every aspect of the turkey farming activity so the farmer no longer was in charge of anything. Eventually, my uncle was forced to sell his entire small farmer operation as the large operations took over.