Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama's SSN Fails E-Verify

Private citizen Linda Jordan entered  Barack H. Obama's Social Security Number into "Self Check" on the E-Verify website August 17, 2011. Reported at WND, the name and the number fail and were flagged by E-Verify, United States government, as likely fraudulent.


Data submitted:

Name: Obama Barack H.
DOB: August 4, 1961
SSN: 042-68-4425

The reasons given by U.S. government E-Verfy system:

SSN does not match. The Social Security Number (SSN) entered in Self Check is valid, but the name and/or date of birth entered do not match SSA records.

SSN is invalid. The Social Security Number (SSN) entered in Self Check is not a valid number.

SSA unable to confirm U.S. Citizenship. Cannot confirm that the employee is elegible to work because the SSA records do not show that the SSN Holder is a U.S. Citizen.

SSA record does not verify, Other reason. SSA found a discrepancy in the record.

SSA unable to process data. SSA found a discrepancy in other data in the data.

h/t Moonbattery

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Anonymous said...

How can the American people just shrug off something like this? Don

Indigo Red said...


Wish I knew, Don. If you or anyone else figures it out, please let us all know.

Another thing I'd like explained is why Linda Jordan, if she was to go to Federal court with this, would be ruled 'without standing' because she can't show immediate personal harm from having an non-elegable person as POTUS.