Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama Favored Basketball Over Ethics

Barack Obama told students of Benjamin Banneker Academic High School during his third annual "Back to School" speech about his experience in the 8th grade. It sounded, however, like his nearly three years as the head of the Executive branch of the U.S. government -
"I did not love every class I took. I wasn’t always paying attention the way I should have. I remember when I was in 8th grade I had to take a class called ethics. Now, ethics is about right and wrong, but if you’d ask me what my favorite subject was back in 8th grade, it was basketball. I don’t think ethics would have made it on the list."
Seems not much has changed.

CNS News has video.

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Anonymous said...

Big deal. So Obama wasn't any different than any other kid out there. He preferred sports over ethics, just like most people out there. So what's the big deal?

Always On Watch said...

And what lesson did these kids learn from BHO?

That you can screw up in school and have no ethics -- and still be the President of the United States.

Dangerous message!

Indigo Red said...

Pretty much. And, AOW, notice there are no white faces behind him. Remember during the '08 campaign when he had the pigmented faces removed and replaced with the pale faces? He's not even trying to pander to white voters anymore.