Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nice Job If You Can Get It Or You Can Sue

Obama can't be seriously accused of being unimaginative. Investors Business Daily says that buried deep within his American Jobs Act, the unemployed will be a protected class with the right to sue any employer that does not hire the unemployed job seeker.
Obama has shoved a provision into his jobs bill that would make it illegal for companies to discriminate against the unemployed, opening the door to a flood of costly, needless and ultimately job-killing legal actions.

As Charles Lane, an editorial writer at the Washington Post put it, this will "probably destroy jobs in a misguided effort to save them," adding that "plaintiffs' lawyers are no doubt dreaming up new ways to wield this new cause of action — make that class action — every time a company turns someone down for a job."
For the unemployed and desperate job seeker, this looks like a good idea. In reality, it's a good reason to remain an unemployed job seeker with a lawyer on retainer. In this job market, odds are greater a vulnerable employer will be found before a viable job.

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