Friday, September 30, 2011

Michelle Obama Does Target

Michelle Obama, wearing a disguise, went shopping at a Target store in Alexandria, Va., Thursday, proving she is just like the rest of us - she carries her bags while pushing an empty cart.

The outing has been portrayed as a princess/pauper shopping trip and only the cashier recognized the First Lady. Didn't anyone notice AP photographer Charles Dharapak following her around snapping pictures? Where was Target security to protect this anonymous woman from the weird guy with the camera?

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Always On Watch said...

Wearing a disguise? Hardly!

This was all a photo op to promote the re-election of BHO and to show that MO is "one of us." Never mind those diamond cuffs she was wearing a week ago.

This administration is all smoke and mirrors. I find nothing genuine in any of them!

Indigo Red said...

There are very few shoppers in the Aleexandria, VA Target. In their prime, her handlers would have stocked the store with shoppers like rangers stock fish to a stream.

They so unaware of the economy that they truly thought the store would just naturally be packed. I was in my Target the other day and there were few people at mid-day and even fewer of those folks were actually shopping; they were, like me, just looking, reading the books at the shelf while the kids played with toys in the aisles and only one person sat in the restaurant not eating.

Mike's America said...

It was a set up to make Michelle look like the average housewife to cover up the bad news about her big spending vacations.

Indigo Red said...

That, Mike, and her favorite designer, Jason Wu, was named a Target fashion partner two days later so Mickey O was ginning up her resume for post-2012.