Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maybe E Doesn't =mc2

Physics smart guys working in Switzerland, think they may have witnessed a neutrino particle travelling faster than light speed and are asking for verification from other smart folks around the world. There have been indications of such behavior for more than 10 yrs, but no consistant direct measurements have been made. Or maybe, when the neutrino was observed breaking the speed limit, it wasn't really travelling faster than light because we knew the location of the neutrino. Damn you, Heisenberg! And your little principle, too!

Anyway, if any of my smart friends see something going faster than light, please call CERN, as the cops have nothing fast enough to catch whatever it was. Of course, all this is predicated on the belief that photons (light) are the fastest particle/wave thingies in the universe in the first place and the speed does not vary with time or space and that may be incorrect, in which case, all those science books have to be rewritten because according to Einstein's (Albert, not the parrot) 1905 Special Theory of Relativity — the famous E = mc2 equation — that just doesn't happen. Or maybe it does. If the observed particles used an Einstein-Rosin Bridge then the sub-luminal particle could travel faster than light without violating the local speed law, unless the Einstein-Rosin Bridge is on Obama's list of dilapidated bridges in need of repair from which Speaker Boehner and evil Congressional Republicans are withholding funds.

It's just a theory and it's all relative anyway.

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