Thursday, September 15, 2011

France Bans Muslim Street Prayer

It's about friggen time!

The Australian reports,
MUSLIMS will be banned from praying outdoors in France from today in the latest move by officials to remove Islam from the public sphere.

The ban, announced by the government yesterday, infuriated French Muslim leaders, one of whom accused President Sarkozy's government of treating them like cattle.

They say that Muslims, who pray outdoors only because of a lack of space in mosques in France, feel stigmatised.

But Claude Gueant, the Interior Minister, said that the sight of hundreds of people gathering in the streets of Paris and other cities for Friday prayers was "shocking".

It comes after laws to prohibit pupils from wearing headscarves in schools and women from wearing the niqab, the full Muslim veil, in public.

Mr Gueant described outlawing street prayers as the latest brick in the wall that is shoring up the secular nature of the French state. He said that he had nothing against Islam, but wanted it out of the public eye.

"Street prayers must stop because they hurt the feelings of many of our compatriots who are shocked by the occupation of the public space for a religious practice," he said.
Tundra Tabloids adds,
France’s Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, in an interview published today by the daily Le Figaro, which noted that ”use of force” against those not complying with the regulation had not been ruled out.

The minister underscored that a ”convention” had been signed with Muslim associations so that a former barracks could be used as a place of prayer.
Goutte d'Or district imam Mohamed Salah Hamza said/ warned,
"We are not cattle. Our demands have not entirely been satisfied. ... I am in an uncomfortable position and I am afraid there will be a climate of anarchy."
But France had best be prepared for more street violence, burning cars, and attacks on innocent French citizens starting Friday, the Muslim sabbath, because that's what Muslim folk do.

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Anonymous said...

Hamza is actually in an uncomfortable position every time he prays anyhow. Don

Always On Watch said...

The Moslems in France defied the ban on Friday. Figures, huh?

Mike's America said...

Talk about a "target rich" environment!