Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amercan Jobs, Act II

No Democrat filed Obama’s jobs bill after it was presented to Congress, so Rep Gohmert(R-TX) wrote his own "American Jobs Act" and filed it as HR 2911. It's two pages long and can be read right now.

Gohmert American Jobs Act

Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum, Incompetence: Obama Even Loses the Name of His Jobs Bill, writes

Here is the thing, either Obama was never serious about this so-called jobs bill in the first place and never intended to submit it, or he is one of the most inept politicians in presidential history.

If Obama were an effective president Rep. Gohmert would never have been able to appropriate Obama’s bill name for his own. If Obama was effective he’d have crafted his jobs bill, delivered his speech that night, and lined up at least one Democrat, if not the whole Democrat Party, to introduce his bill the very next morning after the speech.

But Obama did no such thing. Not only was there no bill when he delivered the speech, even this many days after the speech the bill has never been introduced in the House of Representatives where such bills might begin the legislative process.

That means that there was no bill called the “American Jobs Act of 2011″ in the House, so Rep. Gohmert was under no compulsion not to use it as a name for his own bill.

Of course, it is also possible that President Obama never intended to submit any bill named the “American Jobs Act of 2011″ in the first place. It is possible he never wanted such a bill debated for real because all he was doing was using it as a political ploy for his reelection campaign.

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Mike's America said...

"Obama was never serious about this so-called jobs bill in the first place."

You got that right. And I don't think Democrats in either house of Congress are too serious about it either. It has yet to be introduced and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who schedules the Senate has name legislation for bike paths a top priority instead.

Another indicator that this is a political stunt by Obama is the fact that much of the bill was photocopied from bad legislation that Dems refused to pass even when they held unquestioned majorities until last January.

Indigo Red said...

Really? Photocopied!