Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jane Fonda Says She Never Did Anything to Hurt Her Country

Vietnam War era protest activist, Academy Award winning actress, and elderly narcissist Jane Fonda was angered when the shopping channel QVC cancelled her appearance to hawk her new book. Fonda issued a statement on her blog blaming "well funded and organized political extremist groups" that interfered with her ability to make a buck. She went on in her statement to say:

"Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us. I do not understand what the far right stands to gain by continuing with these myths. In this case, they denied a lot of people the chance to hear about a book that can help make life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am deeply grateful for all of the support I have been getting since this happened, including from my Vietnam Veterans friends." CNS

As an elderly narcissist, she may have forgotten, or was hoping we had forgotten, the 1972 photo-op in which she was caught sitting on an anti-aircraft gun during a visit to North Vietnam, earning her the nickname "Hanoi Jane." She later claimed in her autobiography that she was tricked into sitting at the AA gun by the inscrutable Vietnamese.

Fonda also made ten radio broadcasts during that trip to N. Vietnam in which she denounced as war criminals American political and military leaders. In an act that could have mitigated her actions, Fonda visited Americans held in POW prisons around Hanoi and returned to the US with messages for their families. However, when torture reports of American prisoners by the North Vietnamese began to circulate after POWs were repatriated, Fonda called the POWs "hypocrites and liars". Hanoi Jane went on, "These were not men who had been tortured. These were not men who had been starved. These were not men who had been brainwashed."

In a 1973 interview with The New York Times, speaking about torture by the N.V., Fonda said, "I'm quite sure that there were incidents of torture ... but the pilots who were saying it was the policy of the Vietnamese and that it was systematic, I believe that's a lie" and that the POWs were "military careerists and professional killers" who are "trying to make themselves look self-righteous, but they are war criminals according to the law."

It's hard to imagine, though, that Jane Fonda would protest any company with "VC" in the name. And, she peed in the pond, hence the title, "On Golden Pond."

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bernie said...

here are many things I did wrong as a youth, though none as bad as aiding the enemy, however I do not deny I did them and I apologized to those I hurt.

Ms Hanoi would do well to just admit she was wrong and say she's sorry.

bernie said...

"There are many things," not "here are many things."

dcat said...

Like hell fonda didn't do anything!

It's only true that she didn't do anything to support our country and still is a little liberal dirt bag in my IMHO!

Always On Watch said...

Some form of dementia perhaps?

I seem to recall that, not too long ago, she apologized for her foolishness regarding her anti-war activism.

Indigo Red said...

Only sorta apologized. She said she was naive and was pressured by the NV to sit for the photos and that she is now regrets her action. It wasn't an actual apology. As I included in the post, when Fonda returned to the US and torture of US troops was made public, she said those soldiers, sailers, airmen, and Marines were liars. She has never apologized for that nor said she regrets the words.

Jane Fonda has only expressed regret for actions that have adversly effected her career and ability to make more money than any socialist should be comfortable with. And that is the heart of her objection to QVC now.