Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green Vehicles of Salinas Crashes

Local government subsidized Green Vehicles notified the California city of Salinas they had closed up shop yesterday. Salinas had an initial investment of $300,000 in the start-up that promised to create 70 jobs in the area. Even after an infusion of another $200,000, Green Vehicles folded almost before any cars were produced.

KSBW has the whole story that is reminiscent of another car company of the last century. In the late 1930's, Germany had backed an automobile maker that was going to build a car for the common people, the volk. So certain of initial success, management deducted money from each employee's paycheck and put it toward the purchase of one of the new cars. Unfortunately, an international misunderstanding we now call World War Two cropped-up. The company made only two cars before transferring manufacturing to the NAZI party to produce war material. After the war, Volkswagen Beetle became one of the most popular and successful cars ever produced with the VW van becoming part of the non-conformist American hippie conformal uniform.

Whether we like or hate the idea of alternative energy/green cars, they will be produced eventually. Green Vehicles was a first attempt for one man and he will try again. Let's hope that next time he does so with private financing and customers in hand, not with promises and a fistful taxpayer dollars.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there and they do not even uphold our Constitution...sigh...Keep up the fight!