Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fake Canadians to be Stripped of Citizenship

Canada is about to track down and deport 1800 people who fraudulently obtained citizenship. The suspects who used human smugglers or illegal immigration consultants, or posed as refugees were identified by Vancouver federal immigration investigators and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Minister Jason Kenney told reporters, "For those who simply touch down and try to get a Canadian passport as a ... passport of convenience, who don't pay our taxes but who do consume our social benefits, I think that's dishonorable." That's quaint, but totally understandable and I agree.

Border jumpers will be notified and have the right of appeal which can delay deportation for years. However, Conservatives introduced legislation last year to speed the expulsion of illegals. Since Canada's 1867 founding, only 67 people have been stripped of citizenship. The current revocation unprecedented and should serve as an example to their southern neighbor, Baja Canada.

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dcat said...

Huh! That is interesting!

Honeywell just bought a company in ottawa.

Indigo Red said...

Honeywell couldn't very well buy a company here. EPa or some other Obama group woould stop them.

dcat said...

Indigo Honywell is all over. They are in Redmond WA next to Microsoft.

We are in trouble!