Monday, April 04, 2011

Wise Words to Quell Muslim Hearts and Minds

In the wake of a quran burning and the resultant ever so predictable religion-of-peace violence, killings, and decapitations, here are some wise words we should all take to heart.
Shouldn't all of us start to question everything we do and consider how we might offend Islam before we say or do anything anytime at all in the future? If we look around our lives, I'm sure we'll find many ways to avoid more bloodshed 10,000 miles away where some Muslim might be offended and kill someone else.
Like Senator Lindsey Graham said, freedom of speech is a nice little concept, but we're in a war. We've got to stop conducting ourselves freely or we'll risk losing the hearts and minds of the Arab Street.

From now on, if you see something, say something. Say something to some body, some how, some way. Just say it. Don't be afraid. Everyone must find something so they can say something to some body. In fact, everyone should strive to find five things to say to ten people and twenty different times of every day. Do it, before someone finds out you didn't say something to them which will make them say other things to other people and you'll be in trouble.

We've got to do and not do certain things that should and should not be done so that someone will not find out that we didn't say something about something. All of this is to secure our freedoms. -- Wesley Dallas
After all, it's our fault.

 (note: sarc off)

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dcat said...

I don't care if I hurt them! They all deserve it!

Thugs all of them!!!

dcat said...

islamics don't need f**king excuses! They kill just for the hell of it!

No I won't shut up!

islamics will all go to hell I have already cursed them!

May they all have nightmares everytime they go to sleep!

Always On Watch said...

In other words, goodbye to the First Amendment if the free exercise thereof offends Moslems.

Indigo Red said...

Absolutely, AOW. That is the sarcastic message that seems to be playing out; fortunately it seems also to be playing itself out. The NJ transit worker who lost his job for burning a quran has got his job back.

Mike's America said...

I thought Dcat would have something to say about this :)

Mike's America said...

P.S. It wouldn't matter if we all did exactly what the Muzzies wanted. They'd still kill us.