Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a Miracle! Gabby Opens Eyes After Obama Visit

Obama, the Messiah,

You Tube
performed a miracle by visiting Gabrielle Giffords in her hospital room in Tucson, AZ. He brought roars of approval from the crowd by saying he had been told that, shortly after he and his wife, Michelle, saw her, Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since the shooting.


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Mike's America said...

What else would you exepct from the Messiah... I'm surprised he didn't lift Giffords from her bed and command her to WALK!

Then he could go and raise the little nine year old girl from the dead.

With the way the media is now slobbering over his memorial speech I would expect nothing less.

Indigo Red said...

When I heard Obama say that, I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly. Immediately I thought of Jesus healing the blind man and raising Lazerus from the dead. Also, I wanted to know if the announcemnet was in the prepared text; it was not.

Giffords' eye opening moment was either hastily inserted by aids or was totally ad-libbed. I think (without proof) it was ad-libbed because of the messianic tone, the absolute self-serving nature, and acute cluelessnes of how such a remark could be received. Again, Obama shows his ineptness when venturing into the Great Unscripted.

Always On Watch said...


You, too, picked up on this implied text of BHO's speech.

A lot of my friends told me I was over the edge when I pointed out what BHO was doing with those statements about the visit and Giffords's eyes opening.

And, really, all he needed to say was "Today, Gabby opened her eyes for the first time." By inserting those words about his visit, BHO was promoting his own Messiah image.

Always On Watch said...

If you're corrected about that comment being unscripted, then BHO is dangerous. He suffers from a delusion!

Indigo Red said...

We've now learned, AOW, the inappropriate applause was signalled to the pep ralliers over the jumbotron, so what I should have written was that the announcement was not in the original text. Whether it was written-in just before the speech is possible. What is clear is that it didn't go thru a lot of advisers to say the same less self-servingly. And during the ensuing applause, Obama repeated, "She opened her eyes," four times continuing the applause. To my way of thinking, either way Obama is dangerous and delusional.