Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NiqaBitches Walk the Streets of Paris

Two French women took to the streets of Paris to protest the recent law banning the wearing of the hijab/niqab. The ban at one level is an attempt to preserve the national French character and to stem the tide of Islamification. There are also security concerns as demonstrated recently when male criminals wore burqas in the commission of a Marseilles robbery. The two women are 20 years old, university students, and one is Muslim.

On the French language news site, Rue89, the women have this to say (via Google Translation) -
Darth Vader and freedom of expression
Let us say frankly, to cover her face, take the appearance of Darth Vader in the name of Islam and its teachings ... we do not really understand!

We heard that the Republic was an area of free expression in which everyone could choose to dress and practice his religion as he sees fit, as it does not force anyone to adhere to his convictions.

So we're told by what right this woman in niqab cross yesterday in the subway no longer have the right to move in public space in spring 2011? This law is absurd (and seems difficult to apply)!

The police themselves are clearly opposed to this legislation will only increase social tensions in neighborhoods that could do without.

Political hypocrisy
The aspect of the debate that has most challenged, beyond of the injustice that emerges from this law is the hypocrisy of French politicians who wave the feminist flag sacrosanct pretext of defending the poor veiled women by force by their husbands wild.

It's very nice for them huh, thank you! But do we really need a special law burqa to remind us that it is illegal to force someone to do anything against his will? We dictate the way we dress would therefore become the role of the state (as if they had no other fish to fry ...)
After going on about fashion freedom and advising people to reread Max Weber's "Monopoly on Violence", NiqaBitch finishes with the hard truth the even she cannot deny.
Alibi safe
Ultimately, the only justification "acceptable" such a law would be that the security issue. It is actually easy to hide behind a burqa to commit a crime. Presumably the
"niqabraquage" of August .

But these people thought they would have to be covered with a veil rather than putting a hood if the debate on the law did not beat this fulltime?
On their You Tube NiqaBitch page, this alibi is reiterated in reply to questions from the commenter 'sunsdotcom' when explaining why their eyes were blurred.
1 day ago @NiqaBitch

1) did france ban the niqab or burka?
2) why did you blur the eyes of the girls in mini-burka during close ups? afraid of getting recognized by fellow muslims and the consequences that follows once you are identified?
3) it's very nice of you to cover the eyes of the males looking. In a way, you are putting their lives at potential risk too if some crazy brother wants to do them harm for oogling.

1 day ago @sunsdotcum Hello.

1. France voted the law banning the niqab from public spaces, it will be effective this spring.
2. We blurred our eyes because we want to stay anonymous. We don't want people to know our identities because it's not the point of the action, but also for security reasons. :)

Hope we gave you the answers your were expecting.

have a nice day !

Exactly. Have a nice day.

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Always On Watch said...

We don't want people to know our identities because it's not the point of the action, but also for security reasons.

Muslims, including muslimatoon (plural of muslima) are every worried that they're being persecuted.

Indigo Red said...

As well they should be. They are being persecuted, but not by the west; they're being persecuted by their male and backward female coreligionists.

dcat said...

I think they should come over here and walk through the COSTCO store when I'm there so I can see all the f-ing muzzie jerks drop their jaws!

I want to see these two in a movie walking past the jackasses with their asses in the air on the street to see what happens!