Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Runaway Slave

Straight talk of race, slavery, party politics, and culture of enslavement by Socialist leaning factions in America from a former NAACP activist. "Tyranny is color blind. White or Black, it will control you." Pastor C.L. Bryant implores all Americans of all colors to runaway from the tyranny of Progressive bondage.

From the makers of the wildly successful Tea Party: The Documentary Film comes a new documentary about freedom. Runaway Slave is a new documentary that exposes the economic slavery of the Black community to the Progressive policies of the US government and how Black Conservatives lead the fight so all Americans can be "free at last."

C.L. Bryant is a Runaway Slave.

Former NAACP leader and self-professed "Democratic Radical," C.L. escaped from the bondage of Progressivism and the shackles of entitlements to secure the blessings of liberty guaranteed by our founding document, the US Constitution.

Follow C.L. as he traces the footsteps of runaway slaves through the Underground Railroad. He travels into the heart of Black communities across the US from the slave ports of New Orleans to Chicago's Cabrini Green to Martin Luther King's birthplace, Atlanta, on to Jefferson's Monticello; the film explores how 95% support of the Democratic Party has impacted the Black community.

Through interviews with politicians and everyday Americans and footage from national events, the film seeks to answer the question: Is the Black community "free at last?"

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Mike's America said...

Good one... I did have to check and make sure he wasn't the televangelist in Georgia who is in such hot water.