Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Castro Misinterpreted, Fires 500,000 Workers

After telling The Atlantic magazine’s Jeffrey Goldberg, "The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore," Fidel Castro is claiming he was misinterpreted. Not that Castro didn't say those words, Castro admits to the comment. Castro is claiming the Dan Rather defense - fake but accurate, only in reverse. He says his comment is true, but inaccurate.

Castro now says he meant exactly the opposite from what he actually said. The Latin American Herald Tribune reports:
Fidel Castro said Friday that when he told a U.S. journalist the Cuban economic model no longer works he really meant to signal the failures of capitalism.

“How could such a system (capitalism) work for a country like Cuba?” he asked rhetorically during an event at the University of Havana to present his latest book.

"The truth is that my response signified the opposite of what both U.S. journalists interpreted about the Cuban model,” Fidel said Friday.

“My idea, as everyone knows, is that the capitalist system no longer works for the United States or for the world, since it leads to crises that are ever more global and frequent,” he said.
Reuters is suggesting the incident was a trial balloon to test whether people will accept any possible changes to the Cuban Revolution.
"We see this in Washington all the time. Somebody floats a trial balloon, it unsettles some people, so they walk it back a little bit," he said.

"I think the underlying reality supports absolutely that the Cuban government has recognized that the Cuban model doesn't work, so they're looking for another model," he said.
Cuba announced Monday that 500,000 of the 5.1 million official work force, 10% of workers, could be out of a job beginning immediately with lay-offs continuing through April 2011. Restrictions on private enterprise are to be eased to allow more job opportunities for the laid-off government workers, according to the AP.
To soften the blow, the statement ... said the government would increase private-sector job opportunities, including allowing more Cubans to become self-employed. They also will be able to form cooperatives run by employees rather than government administrators, and increasingly lease state land, businesses and infrastructure.

Castro has long complained that Cubans expect too much from the government, which pays average monthly salaries of just $20 but also provides free education and health care and heavily subsidizes housing, transportation and basic food. Because unemployment is anathema in a communist society, state businesses have been forced to carry many people who do almost nothing.

"Our state cannot and should not continue supporting businesses, production entities and services with inflated payrolls, and losses that hurt our economy are ultimately counterproductive, creating bad habits and distorting worker conduct," the union said.
Exactly how a society unaccustomed to self-employment is to acclimate to private enterprise, the Castro Bros left unexplained. As the Old World Communist countries turn to old fashioned mercantilism and western capitalism, Obama leads America further down the rabbit hole of socialist utopianism. The Marxist teachers have changed the syllabus and Obama didn't get the memo.

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