Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bill Reams Jerry in Meg Ad

Meg Whitman(R), California goober candidate, doesn't appear in this campaign attack ad, but Jerry Brown(D), California ubergoober, gets ripped anyway. Thanks, Bill(D)!

You Tube, Meg WhitmanforGovernor2010

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Louise said...

Tell me something about this upcoming election down there in Yankyland. Are the three stooges (Pelosi, Boxer and Reid) up for re-election? If so, what are your predictions?

Indigo Red said...

Harry Reid is having a really bad time with his Nevada re-election campaign against the Tea Party supported Republican, Karen Angle, a political newcomer. Harry should have won by a landslide, but is in a statistical deadheat. His son is also running for office and refuses to use his family name; when he does, his poll numbers go down.

Pelosi is running against John Dennis who is trailing badly. Dennis is supported by the Ron Paul groupies while Nan is very popular in her San Francisco Bay area district; she is basically a lock and little polling is done, not a big press campaign. Nan will be return to Congress.

The real race is Barbara Boxer v Carly Fiorina who are in a statistcal deadheat with Boxer slightly ahead. Two weeks ago, B-49%, F-44%. On Thursday, Fiorina is leading 48%-47%. HOWEVER, of those who've already made up their minds 74% will vote Carly, 69% go for Boxer. My feeling is Carly Fiorina will go the Washington.

Louise said...

"His son is also running for office and refuses to use his family name; when he does, his poll numbers go down."

Oh my God. That's pretty bad. LOL!

Louise said...

Sometimes those polls are waaaaay off. Here's hoping some disaster happens just a day or two before the polls open.

You may have read that Pelosi was in Canada this past week investigated the dreaded Alberta oil sands. Despite reading everything I could find on her visit, I still couldn't figure out what she was really after.

She met with a whole cross section of interested parties from provincial premiers, to environuts to First Nations, so she seemed to be hiding her tracks the whole time she was here.

Oh, and she attended a G8 meeting of house speakers, but the oil thing seemed to be the only angle covered in the media. A meeting of speakers would be pretty boring, I imagine.

Anyway, I never thought I'd say this, but give me Hillary any day.

Indigo Red said...

I'd no idea Miss Namcy was in Canada. I'm sorry, Canucks did not deserve that kind of abuse.

I'm sure her handlers told her that it was best to go somewhere no one will notice her as Miss Nancy has a problem with her mouth untouched by botox. Just go away and let the Republican competitor do all the talking.

Louise said...

Oh, and what about the rest of the country? Are the Dems in for demolition? (I'm so clever.)

Louise said...

The reason I'm asking that is because it may be the only thing that saves Canada from Nazi Pelosi. If the Americans don't buy our oil we're not going to be too happy, although the premiers she met with told her we could just as easily sell it to Asia.

There's talk of a big pipeline project too, which would carry Canuck oil all the way down to Texas. Lotsa jobs on both sides of the border. She was warned that that project would have to go down the drain too, if misbehaved.

It would be almost as easy to build one through the mountains out to Vancouver, in which case that would be lots of jobs for Canadians. Too bad yanks.

Indigo Red said...

Defeat of Democrats is hard to predict this year. The Tea Party (all four organizations) is an influencial force that sometimes is backing the Democrat. This election is less about Republican/Democrat as it is Conservative/Liberal. With the US being overwhelmingly Conservative, yet overwhelmingly Democrat one has to know that most Dems are Conservative, but psychologically unable to make the switch to Republican.

I think Conservatives will easiily beat Liberals whatever the party identification.

At the Tea Party Patrots meeting I attend, there are many Democrats and Independents, though mostly Republicans. But, ALL of us are Conservative Americans.

Indigo Red said...

It would be nice if Miss Nancy could be convinced that Canadian oil shale is a good investment. There are too many environazis in her basket and with Obama shutting down off-shore production, I don't see any change in policy. I just hope that changes in leadership will come soon enough for Canada/Baja Canada oil agreements.