Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anti-Mosque Muslim Cabbie

... attacked by pro-mosque activist.
Ahmed H. Sharif, 43, of Queens, was stabbed several times by Michael Enright, 21, of Southeast, N.Y., after Enright asked Sharif if he was Muslim and the cabbie responded with a yes, a police spokesman said.

It should be noted that Enright has ties to a left-wing group that is in favor of the "Ground-Zero mosque" while Sharif actually opposes it being constructed at the current location.

Post Chronicle
As for Enright, Mcauleysworld says
Turns out the highly intoxicated and belligerent Enright supported the Ground Zero Mosque and had worked, as has been documented, with an Interfaith Religious Group that conducted regular outreach programs between Muslims and Christians… that group? Intersections International.
Whoa! Who could've seen that coming?

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Always On Watch said...

Note that the mainstream media tried to skip over some of these details.

Mike's America said...

Funny how we heard SO LITTLE about this supposed hate crime after these facts came to light.

You know this story would have been front page news if the attacker had been a member of the Tea Parties.