Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Fathers Should Never Do

Not long ago, I published a photo of a boy and his dad I called "What Fathers Do". On Thursday, while speaking at a Kansas City fundraiser for Senate candidate Robin Carnahan, Obama demonstrated what a father shouldn't do.

"You know, the — I don't have teenagers yet — Malia's just turned 12," said Obama, according to a pool report. "She's my baby. She's going — even though she's 5'9" now, she's still my baby. And she just got braces, which is good, because she looks like a kid and she was getting — she's starting to look too old for me."
For a year and a half, people have been debating what kind of man Obama is. I think this is the best and clearest example of what kind on man he is. He is a man comfortable using his daughter's age and height and orthodontic braces in a public speech and laughing about it. He's a shameful man. And an insensitive father.

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Louise said...

Not that I like defending The One, but there are a lot of fathers who are deathly afraid of their teenaged daughters. They sorta don't know how to handle their little girl's emerging sexuality. They remember their own teenagehood, and immediately have the urge to lock the girls up until they turn 20 or so.

In fact, having had one myself, I don't wish an adolescent girl on anyone. Thank God they grow out of it, but for a while it's touch and go. LOL!!

I just hope the MSM leaves those two girls alone. They've done enough damage to the Palin kids.