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Islam Founded America, Muslims Taught

Since the attacks on America and Western Civilization on 9/11, many lines of Liberal thought in America have come to the fore to be challenged and struck down as harmful, destructive, and just plain ludicrous. Also, the depth to which Islamic teachings and propaganda have surfaced to be condemned as antithetical to American democratic ideals. The fight goes on here without respite. But what of the teachings about America in places we, here, cannot so easily refute as lies and outright ridiculous, that we, here, may dismiss out of hand as too far off base to even offer a passing glance?

This article was originally written for Common Ground News Service by Frankie Martin, Ibn Khaldun Chair Research Fellow at American University, School of International Service, Washington D.C., and published 6 July 2010. The CGNS statement of purpose can be read here. I found the article with an intro by an unnamed author in the Pakistani on-line newspaper The Dawn, 10 July 2010 issue.
You must have read my comments on American Founding Fathers and Islam.

Muslims in America came before Columbus (Admiral Zeng He), with Columbus (sailors fleeing the Spanish Inquisition in Spain), and on slave ships after Columbus. About one fourth of African Americans like Kunte Kunte were Muslim and are Muslim today. There are inscriptions in Arizona that show arrivals from the Middle East as early as the 8th century. Many of the Cherokees were Muslim before Columbus, and they still wear the head-dress and use an alphabet influenced by the Middle East.

It is a matter of historical record that Thomas Jefferson owned a copy of the Quran. When he lost it, he acquired another one. Jefferson was not one who kept books for decoration purposes. Haq e Qol (Freedom of speech), Haq e Insaan (Human Rights), Huq e Hurriat (Right of Freedom) were clearly enunciated by Ibn Haytaum, Ibn Tufail and Ibn Rushd (Averroes). These are right out of the Quran. Thomas Aqauinas and John Locke were heavily influenced by these writings. Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison were heavily influenced by John Locke and that influence shows up in our constitution as the Bill of Rights.

Many historians believe that President Lincoln’s mother was a Malinguen (progeny of the Moriscos–Muslim who escaped the tyranny of the Spanish Inquisition).

I also reproduce what Frankie Martin says about US Founding Fathers.
Islam, the Founding Fathers and the 4th of July.
By Frankie Martin

This Fourth of July, Americans gathered at barbeques, watched firework displays and remembered the men who assembled in Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. For many, the celebrations serve as a reminder of the value of freedom, of a country forged by the people in direct opposition to monarchy and tyranny.

It is sometimes easy to forget, however, that America’s founders were also concerned with another kind of freedom: the freedom to worship.

For the Founding Fathers, religious freedom was at the very core of being American. As America’s first president George Washington wrote, America was open to receive “the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions”, including Christians, Jews and Muslims. However, throughout its history America has sometimes failed to live up to this ideal, most recently after the 9/11 attacks.

I saw this firsthand when I travelled as part of a research team headed by Professor Akbar Ahmed of American University to 75 American cities and 100 mosques for the new book, Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam, which explores how Muslim Americans are assimilating into American society and consequently delves into the question of American identity. We met Muslim American citizens who had been imprisoned on suspicion of planning or partaking in terrorist activities without trial and held in inhuman conditions, those whose mosques had been firebombed, and many others who had been subjected to attack and harassment by fellow members of their local communities.

And one has only to turn on the television to see that the media is full of commentators who ridicule and malign Islam’s holy book and prophet. Some Americans even told me that Muslims cannot be American.

These Americans should read the works of our own Founding Fathers. These great scholars and statesmen showed an immense respect for Islam and went out of their way to welcome Muslims. John Adams, America’s second president, named the Prophet Muhammad one of the world’s great truth seekers alongside Socrates and Confucius. Thomas Jefferson, the country’s third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence, learned Arabic using his copy of the Qur’an and hosted the first presidential iftar, marking the end of the daily fast during Ramadan. The Founding Fathers also drew upon principles from Muslim civilisations, among many others, in fashioning the American political and judicial system.

But perhaps the most striking writings on Islam by the Founding Fathers come from Benjamin Franklin, America’s great philosopher and scientist. Franklin expressed his respect for Islam and his strong belief in religious freedom when he wrote of his desire to see the Mufti of Istanbul preach Islam from a Philadelphia pulpit.

But he faced a challenge from his own countrymen in convincing them to be as tolerant.

In December 1763, a group of 50 Pennsylvania frontiersmen, seeking to prevent Native American attacks on their homes and frustrated that the government had not taken action against hostile tribes, tortured, mutilated and murdered a group of peaceful Christian Native Americans in the most horrific fashion.

The supposedly Christian frontiersmen, wrote an outraged Franklin, were more barbaric than those to which they claimed superiority.

Franklin went on to assert that Native Americans would have been safer had they been living in a Muslim country, as Islam shows even prisoners more humanity than the frontiersmen had shown free men. Franklin praised the compassion of the Prophet Muhammad, writing that the Prophet had applauded the humaneness of soldiers who treated their captives well. Franklin also spoke of his admiration for the 12th century sultan Saladin as a ruler who demonstrated both justice and compassion.

In a country where feelings against Islam are precarious, the outlook of the Founding Fathers could not be more significant. And at a time of tension between some people in the United States and the Muslim world, both Muslims and non-Muslims can benefit by considering both the American ideals of the Founding Fathers and the Islamic ideals for which they had such admiration.

These complementary ideals have been challenged to the core by post-9/11 confrontations. So as we settle back into our routines after the Fourth of July holiday, I hope we take time to remember the true America as envisioned by those extraordinary men in 1776 and work to make it a reality. The Founding Fathers would expect nothing less.
This, and many similar articles, are available to Muslims around the world in pulp publications and Internet sources. Like this article, most go unchallenged as there is no provision for comments on most of the websites, not even allows comments.

An American website published this article 7 July 2010, the venerable Huffington Post, with neither introduction nor editorial comment. However, HuffPo does allow reader comments and, boy, did they get some smart folk commenting and refuting this BS six ways to Sunday. It's a shame the same can't be done in Islamic countries where the population that can read will come away with a totally biased and completely wrong idea about the American Founding Fathers and their relationship to Islam.

This is just an example of what gets out to Muslims and there's not a damned thing we can do about it. The further peril is that Muslims and other stupid people actually believe this crap.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Always On Watch said...

Just the title of this post makes me wanna puke!

Moslems are forever trying to grab credit for every accomplishment in humanity.

I call BS! on that!

But what really makes me crazy is that so many non-Moslems believe the propaganda.

Debbie said...

I'm with you and AOW, what a crock. Some people will believe anything and never take the time to actually research and find the truth. We have too many here in the US who are sympathizers to crazy stuff.

I agree that many out there are very informed and having the option to leave a comment or participate in a discussion board helps to clear up errors.

Right Truth

Indigo Red said...

It was funny on the original Star Trek when Chekov would claim credit for Russia for every advancement. Now, it's for real and it's not so funny anymore. So glad I know so many people, like yoou guys, who can spot crap and not step in it.

Anonymous said...

He talks about the fourth of July barbecues but doesn't acknowledge that we are cooking PORK brats!!! Don

Mike's America said...

"We met Muslim American citizens who had been imprisoned on suspicion of planning or partaking in terrorist activities without trial and held in inhuman conditions, those whose mosques had been firebombed, and many others who had been subjected to attack and harassment by fellow members of their local communities.

What a pile of crap! WHERE is the proof? This is worse than Dems claiming Tea Partiers spit on black congressmen!

Indigo Red said...

My pork brats were excellent, Don, with a beer chaser.

Mike, this is pretty common stuff in Muslim newspapers and no proof is needed of the perfidy if infidels. What's worse is the author still yeaches at American University in Wash D.C.

Mike's America said...

It's not just the libs who are in denial about Islam. There's a civil war brewing at Flopping Aces. You might want to weigh in:

Mike's America said...

As you found out, there's real danger of a dhimmi virus breaking out!

Indigo Red said...

Apparently there is. It's not unusual though. The understnad that another culture and religion can be the absolute antithesis of the West is incomprehensible, especially with Islam. It claims origins in the same mythology and claims the same prophets and God, so how could it be so different. I've found that most folks believe America under Islam would be just like changing political parties in Washington - faces and names will change, but we can always change ie again in four years.