Monday, May 17, 2010

DHS to Close Border Crashing Hotspot

Can't say government isn't doing anything about open borders anymore. DHS is finally trying to close a "weak link in the nation’s borders, attractive to terrorists trying to smuggle in lethal materials." And apparently, scores of unwanted Canadians, too.

The red brick house sits unassumingly on a sleepy back road where the lush farmlands of northern Vermont roll quietly into Canada. This is the Morses Line border crossing, a point of entry into the United States where more than three cars an hour constitute heavy traffic.

The bucolic setting of silos and sugar maples has become the focus of a bitter dispute that pits one of America’s most revered traditions — the family-owned farm — against the post-9/11 reality of terror attacks on US soil.

The Department of Homeland Security sees Morses Line as a weak link in the nation’s borders, attractive to terrorists trying to smuggle in lethal materials. The government is planning an estimated $8 million renovation here as part of a nationwide effort to secure border crossings.

“The whole thing is a perfect example of waste,’’ said Glen Gurwit of Swanton, a customs inspector for 31 years who frequently worked at Morses Line before retiring in 2004. He said the port is used mostly by locals crossing to visit relatives, play hockey, or shop, and is notable for its “peace, quiet, and isolation.’’

“We used to spend hours watching deer graze,’’ he said.

Boston Globe.

Darn those pesky and wily Canadians! At least illegal immigrants at the southern border are obvious about their law breaking by coming in droves. Northern illegal border crashers coming only two or three a day, induces boredom and inattention among border agents which may allow 100% border check failure.

Insidious, as only Canadians can be! I'll wager Mark Steyn got to the US by boring the northern Vermont border guards.

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Louise said...

They could be smuggling maple syrup or cod fish, you know.

Indigo Red said...

Of course! Maple syrup smuggling would completely destroy the Vermont maple industry.

Louise said...

I should have read the article and the comments first. It's Canadian cows that are the problem. They're wandering across the border without passports.