Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Palin on Leno

Sarah Palin appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. She worked without cue cards or teleprompter. RightPundits reviewed the show saying Palin was "charming..., refreshing, upbeat, relaxed interview that received ample applause, even in L.A. ...The interview isn’t long and Leno hits on several subjects, from media bias to family to the Olympics to Sarah’s “palm” notes. And she throws out some great soundbites. Listen for the phrase, “all wee wee’d up,” an Obamaism that should never be forgotten.

Throughout the interview she received repetitive applause, along with a hearty shout-out from the audience for the Tea Party Movement. I’m waiting for the MSM to start calling Leno’s audience “racist”."

Videos via Hulu .

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Anonymous said...

Sarah knocked it out of the park. I just finished reading her book and it makes me sad. Her character and intelligence have been so assassinated by the media that she has become damaged goods and could never be elected to national office. My personal opinion is that we need a huge dose of COMMON SENSE governance. I very much appreciate her ability to think on her feet. I will take natural intellect over contrived intelligence (teleprompter ?) any day. Don

Indigo Red said...

Well said, Don.

Louise said...

Darn. Those Hulu videos don't work outside the USA.