Saturday, March 20, 2010

Democrats Want the Noose, Let Them Have the Noose

It's hard to do nothing when you see something going horribly wrong. Such is the current state I find myself when contemplating the insane actions being taken by Democrats to fix our broken health care health insurance health care payment medical provider medical delivery health insurance whatever-it-is-today system. My natural inclination is to fight back really hard, but sometimes the greater part of victory is to do nothing to prevent the foe from gaining the noose.

Why Health Care Reform Must Pass by Bob Parks

Before you ask what kind of self-medication I’ve discovered, let me preface this by reminding people I, among other things, am a political tactician. I lived in dark blue Massachusetts where Democrats not only made sport of standing on the necks of the super-minority Republicans, but attempting to squeeze the remaining life out of them. I know how they think and I know what will happen if health care reform is defeated.

The GOP has the cover of being 100% against this bill, so they are relatively safe come November.

Should health care reform be defeated, Democrats will first blame an out-of-power Republican minority, attempt a few faux mea culpas, tell the American people they “get it” and will hope the majority of Americans forgive-and-forget come November. The primary energy of Democrats will go towards keeping control of the House and Senate.

Let’s be real; if they maintain control, do you really think they won’t have learned the errors of their ways and attempt health care again (with a new “mandate”), this time quicker and more forceful with a fresh two years of pad?

I say let the Democrats have this victory.

Democrats will subsequently incur the wrath of the American people. Town meetings this summer will require Dems to arrive with armed escort, if they’re brave enough to hold them at all. Knowing incrementalist Democrats as we do, they’ll keep ramming unpopular legislation through after passage of health care, infuriating the public beyond the point of redemption.

On the other side, every Republican running this fall will do so on a “Repeal the Bill” platform. Should the GOP retake the House and Senate, that should happen.

November will give new meaning to the political term “bloodbath”. Democrats could be out of power for the foreseeable future, and in 2012, we will see Obama leave in disgrace.

While we all know how disastrous this health care reform will be, I’ve also learned a few things from sadistic Massachusetts Democrats: once you have your foot on the neck of the opposition, press down until they stop breathing. Because of their arrogance, we have golden opportunity to let the Democrats destroy themselves.

I think we should let them do it.
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Anonymous said...

He may be right,but when the pill is so bitter it is hard to look forward to the cure. Don

Tom C said...

I for one don't believe we have enough people not on the dole to vote against them.

Indigo Red said...

A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Karl Rove also suggests HC will be easier to shut down after the fact than before.

And the really big news, Don ---
100,000 !!!! ... with the word verify - desti(ny).

Indigo Red said...

I'm on the dole, Tom, after losing my job and I encourage any others likewise occupied to stay there as long as it takes to bring down the idiot dole scams. We keep fighting Liberal Love when we should just give in and overwhelm.

Tom C said...

Indi, until you have walked the streets I have, you don't understand On The Dole. You sir, arn't it.

Indigo Red said...

Ok, I stand corrected as well as out-doled.