Friday, March 19, 2010

40 Congressmen Short - Call them NOW

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid would have us believe they have the Health Care Reform bill all wrapped up with a bow and there's nothing anyone can do about it. They've been saying for some time now they are only 1 vote short, then 16 votes short, then no votes short and the House would vote HCR into law in June 2009, then August, then before Thanksgiving, and definitely by Christmas.

It's now March 2010, many months after the original passage date and Pelosi's House is still just a few votes short. If there were votes enough for passage, the vote would have been held, the bill on Obama's desk, and the whole would be a done deal already and Obama would be in Indonesia right now instead of Washington, D.C. twisting arms, giving airplanes rides, and handing out cups of water to wishy-washy congressmen out to make an extra buck for their retirement fund. There are, actually, 40 Thieves Democrats who are still "undecided." After all this time and debate, there is no way anyone in the country is undecided, especially Congressmen in the heart of darkness.

I am not in favor of the direction our country is taking. I do not like the homogenization of politics which allows politicians from one state to solicit funds from voters in another state, candidates flying in to a district from somewhere far away to run for office in a strange land just because it's an open seat that may lead to a higher paying gig in another elected office somewhere else, I object to citizens contacting the representatives of a district or state in which the voter does not live because how that representative votes will affect how I live my life, I object to having to do so because I can't trust my own rep to do the bidding of his local constituents that I must turn to others.

Sadly, we have already lost much of the localism that has served this nation for over 200 years. In the coming decades, we will see more of this homogenization as election laws are changed or ignored so as to allow a person in New Jersey to represent people in Montana without ever having lived in Montana. However, the fact that when terrorists can plot and carry out plans to wreak havoc on America from a cave in Afghanistan thereby forever altering the course of our republic, then it must be admitted that the "vote of a Congressman in Pennsylvania or a Congresswoman in Ohio WILL impact your life, and our nation's future, no matter WHERE you live."

There are 40 Thieves Congressmen who have yet to commit yea or nay to the Health Reform Bill, Obamacare that is set for a vote this Sunday. It's not too late to let Congress know personally that this plan or any plan to remove our right of health care choice is not the right way of governing a republic of free people. Contact the following offices, as many as you can, and politely let them know your wishes. Tell them to kill the bill.

US Representative .... District Office .... Capitol Hill Office

Adler, John .... (732) 608-7235 .... (202) 225-4765

Altmire, Jason .... (724) 378-0928 .... (202) 225-2565

Baird, Brian .... (360) 352-9768 .... (202) 225-3536

Berry, Marion .... (870) 972-4600 .... (202) 225-4076

Boucher, Rick .... (540) 628-1145 .... (202) 225-3861

Carney, Christopher .... (570) 585-9988 .... (202) 225-3731

Chandler, Ben .... (859) 219-1366 .... (202) 225-4706

Dahlkemper, Kathy .... (814) 456-2038 .... (202) 225-5406

Driehaus, Steve .... (513) 684-2723 .... (202) 225-2216

Ellsworth, Brad .... (812) 465-6484 .... (202) 225-4636

Foster, Bill .... (630) 406-1114 .... (202) 225-2976

Giffords, Gabrielle .... (520) 881-3588 .... (202) 225-2542

Gordon, Bart .... (615) 896-1986 .... (202) 225-4231

Hill, Baron .... (812) 336-3000 .... (202) 225-5315

Kilroy, Mary Jo .... (614) 294-2196 .... (202) 225-2015

Murphy, Patrick ....(215) 826-1963 ....(202) 225-4276

Nye, Glenn .... (757) 789-5092 .... (202) 225-4215

Perriello, Tom .... (434) 293-9631 .... (202) 225-4711

Pomeroy, Earl .... (701) 235-9760 .... (202) 225-2611

Salazar, John .... (719) 543-8200 .... (202) 225-4761

Schauer, Mark .... (517) 780-9075 .... (202) 225-6276

Space, Zack .... (740) 779-1636 .... (202) 225-6265

Teague, Harry .... (575) 622-4178 .... (202) 225-2365

Wilson, Charlie .... (740) 533-9423 .... (202) 225-5705

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Louise said...

Your politics sounds as dirty as our Liberal Party!!

If this thing is defeated on Sunday, what happens next. Is it deep-sixed for good, or is it just gonna lurk waiting for another chance?

Indigo Red said...

I think everyone's politics has always been dirty, Louise. The Internet just makes it oh so obvious and ubiquitous.

Defeat on Sunday means it is resurrected at some later date either in toto or detail. Passage essentially means the same thing for the Conservatives except in reverse, but the dismanteling will take much longer, maybe decades.

The only good thing about the whole bill is that even though the taxation to pay for it begins the following January, the actual program doesn't start for 4 years. As we have only a tradition of following the acts of Congress that have come before, Congress is not bound by previous congressional decisions.

There is hope for the future, but it's best this monstrocity is stillborn.

Indigo Red said...

I forgot to add that all 435 House members are up for election in November and nearly an equal number of Democrats and Republicans have retired or will retire this year. It will be wild and crazy.

Louise said...

As an interested observer, I can hardly wait until November. I don't remember a time when American politics was such a nail-biter and highly entertaining.

The thing that caught my attention in your blog entry was the bit about non-resident candidates being parachuted into a district with or without the will of the people taken into account. Our Liberal Party has done that several times. Apparently, it's in the Party's constitution. Luckily, none of the other parties can get away with that.

The Liberals are also dealing with a historic low approval rating in the polls. They basically anointed their current leader, forgoing the customary leadership convention where several candidates would be in the running, and the party membership actually got to choose. The guy is a well know Harvard professor who hadn't lived in Canada for 35 years, and most Canadians were/are rather peeved that the Party would think someone who wouldn't have a clue about what's currently important in this country would automatically be crowned king, just because he teaches at Harvard. Liberals = elitists.

Indigo Red said...

Oooo, that's scary! Parachute candidating has happened already so close to home. On the other hand, it really was quite common here before there were parachutes and election districting rules. But no matter. Liberals will always say, "Rules? We don't need no stinking rules!"