Sunday, February 07, 2010

Palin's Palm Pilot Plan

The biggest news at Memeorandum this Super Bowl XLIV Sunday is Sarah Palin's palm pilot crib notes on her left hand during the Tea Party Convention in Nashville. HuffPo made a "[c]loser inspection" of the Sarah Palin hand photo, quoted Charlie Brown, "Good grief," yet made no allusions to to political life lines.

Andrew Sullivan claims he was "too busy" to notice, but nevertheless produced a lot of words about Palin's palm.

Palin had written a short and cogent list of political, fiscal, social programs, core beliefs we can believe in, on her hand -
Budget Tax Cuts [IR: there's a big difference 'twixt budget and tax cuts]
Lift American Spirits
Donald Douglas has video and more links at American Power.

On the other hand, this is Obama/Democrat political, fiscal, social programs budget for fiscal year 2010 that no one anywhere could explain what was in it:
Obama's FY 2010 plan is written in five volumes weighing several pounds. The FY 2011 plan is even bigger - $3.834 trillion bigger.

Palin's plan can be written on the palm of your hand.

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