Friday, January 15, 2010

Shhhh... Not Too Loud, Fort Hood Attack Was Terrorism

It's official - the Fort Hood terror attack by Army Major Nadal Hasan was an act of terrorism. Thirteen Americans were killed and 43 more were wounded by one Muslim who didn't want to kill people in Iraq or Afghanistan, but killing Americans at home didn't bother him.

In a Friday announcement, hoping no one would notice, an anonymous senior Obama official depicted
"...the Fort Hood shooting as "an act of terrorism," the first time an administration official has used that term in describing the massacre.

"To me, what he did certainly was using terror at its worst," the official said, defining terrorism as the use of violence to promote political beliefs. The official spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity in order to provide insight into the administration's discussions.

The acknowledgement was stunning given the criticism from conservatives over the administration's reluctance to call the incident an act of terror."
FOX News
Two months late, but better late than never. Or is it? No, not really. Not when Obama was able to pass immediate judgement on US Marines and CIA agents for the lawful killings of terrorists on the battlefield, judged an entire Police Dept as stupid for arresting a belligerent university professor Obama friend who happened to be black; not when any moron could see it was a terror attack and millions of American morons saw it as terror on first report. Obama once again shows he's no moron, just incompetent.

When a Muslim kills or tries to kill Americans or any other non-Muslim, it's jihad and that's terrorism.

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Indigo Rose said...

My daughter stationed in SKorea was on the phone with one of her friends who was
in-processing(returning to US from Korea) at Ft Hood at the time of the attack.
The words used on the phone.... "a hadji is shooting at us"....
Her friend had not been shot at for a year, then steps on American soil, on an American base and has to fear for his life.... he and the others were unarmed.
Terror is the act of causing someone extreme fear.
The attacker did that to rooms full of soldiers, their families and the country . Hasan was a terrorist then.
He is a terrorist now.

Indigo Red said...

My goodness! That's a very complicated definition. I'm not sure it will catch on, though, especially with the current administration.