Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins MA Senate Seat

Republicans win US Senate race in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Forty-first vote ends Democrat dominance. Beginning of the end for Obama and Co.

You Tube"Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini from 1962 movie "Hatari" starring John Wayne and Elsa Martinelli.
America wins.

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Anonymous said...

Could Obama be the Jim Jones of the Democrat Party? Could blindly following him be political suicide? Don

Indigo Red said...

Kinda looks that way.

Louise said...

What does this do to the Kennedy clan? Are there any other entrenched dynastic elites that are wondering which way the wind is blowing?

Indigo Red said...

A Kennedy has held a Massachusetts Senate seat since the 1950s when John F. was a Senator, except 2 yrs from 1960-62 when Ben Smith was appointed to take JFKs place. Ted was elected in 1962 and held the seat so long Democrats and Republicans believed it was part of his butt; judging from the size of his butt, it may have been. Kennedy, Massachusetts, Democrat became synonomous and everyone thought the state was, is, and always would be a Democrat seat. Turns out that the best of the Kenndy's died in war or were assassinated. Ted was a goofball and the rest aren't all that intersted in elective office. The supposed dynasty began and ended with the one generation.
There was talk of a Bush dynasty, but that was just as dumb as the Kennedy thing. So, no, there are no others.

Tom C said...

Yep! America wins. Can't say I would have written the script this way, but what the hell!