Friday, January 29, 2010

Overwhelmingly, Without a Doubt Health Care Was on C-Span

That's Obama's story and he's sticking with it. For proof that the hearings were on C-Span Obama says, "...because it was taking place in Congression hearings in which you guys were participating." There you have it; can't argue with that reasoning.

You Tube via Breitbart TV
"The truth of the matter is..." and "Look... " are words Obama uses when he's about to lie or exagerate. Watch his face and expression. When he says the hearing took place in "hearings in which you guys were participating", notice the smug gotcha smirk. That was immeadiately followed by stumbling and stammering and (stop tape at 23 secs) a pitiful pleading look of a kid trying real hard to convince mom that really isn't his hand in the cookie jar... 'Come on guys, ya gotta believe me!'

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