Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama to Tax Health Insurance Plans

Barack Obama told House Democrat leaders today "to drop their opposition to taxing high-end health insurance plans to pay for health coverage for millions of uninsured Americans."

That's not what candidate Obama said at the Belmont University Presidential Debate, October 7, 2008. The next day, Huffington Post wrote, Obama Ad: McCain Will Tax Your Health Care in which Obama rightly excoriated McCain's wrongheaded plan to tax health insurance plans. The Obama campaign then released the video "Taketh":

You Tube
Now, Obama wants to do exactly what he condemned McCain for proposing - tax proposed government health insurance plans Americans will be required to purchase under threat of legal prosecution and financial penalty. Is there no limit to Obama perfidy?

Obama, you lie.

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Tom C said...

I wonder if they even know what they say half the time. It's a sure bet they don't stand for anything in the light of day.

Indigo Red said...

At one time, Tom, it would have been easy to agree that they (politicians) didn't know what they are saying half the time. But now, I believe they simply don't care what is said because so much is said and so few will remember. Even if they are caught, it's simple enough to say conditions have changed.

bernie said...

You must have misunderstood what he said.

Tom C said...

The talk here is of roll call votes and now seccession.(sp?) It's not so funny now. I was told that we don't have the men to fight against each other any more. Don't believe that either. They don't know what their words convey to the rest of us. They don't know which choir they're preaching to.