Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coakley Goon Bum Rushed Reporter

John McCormack, deputy online editor for The Weekly Standard, was roughed up by what appearred to be a Coakley bodyguard outside the Sonoma restaurant on Capital Hill last night. The video makes clear McCormack was attacked and that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (Dem) was aware of the incident. Coakley is campaigning to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy.

You Tube
McCormack was asking a question of Coakley when attacked. Coakley staffers later told McCormack they didn't know the pusher man. The Boston Herald/Associated Press identifies the man as the president of Blue Line Strategic Communications in Washington, D.C., Michael Meehan (Linkedin bio here.)

JDJournal reported Meehan's departure from BGR Group, his employer until a few days before Blue Line was formed.

BGR Group has lost four staffers, including Democratic bigwigs Michael Meehan and David DiMartino.

Meehan and DiMartino were the lobbying firm’s first Democratic hires, when the traditionally Republican firm went bipartisan in 2007.

The pair will head spin-off firm Blue Line Strategic Communications. Two unnamed BGR staffers are joining them.

Meehan was chief of staff to Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, and an adviser on John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

BGR Group is a bipartisan government relations, strategic communications, and investment banking firm with offices in Washington DC and London.
Perhaps the pushing was retaliation for yesterday's Weekly Standard's reporting that Coakley approved an ad that misspelled Massachusetts.

Paid for by Massachusettes Democratic Party and Authorized by Martha Coakley for Senate. Approved by Martha Coakley.
The campaign has removed the add from You Tube. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has a pre-pull screenshot.

Welcome to Obama's America.

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