Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's the Attitude, Stupid!

Obama attempted a stupid joke on the Tonight Show of which the whole world has now heard. Much has been said of The Joke and that Obama didn't really mean it, that he apologized to the Special Olympics organization even before the program aired for which Obama received kudos, undeservedly.

The fact is, he should not have said The Joke in the first place. He should not have thought it; he should not have had the attitude that such a remark would be acceptable in public or private.

I received a comment from Pro this morning that pointed me to a post on the blog, ButAsForMe written by Reformed Lib who calls upon Obama to apologize.

We have been told he is the president of accountability and responsibility. But merely apologizing to a single organization does not rectify the damage that has been done as the ramifications from this ‘joke’ mount in all the corners of this great nation.

We call on him to apologize to all people, groups and organizations his ‘joke’ hurt and/or offended.
As I have been known to do, I agree somewhat, but am opposed to an apology per se.

It isn't the joke; it's the attitude at the heart of this episode. The attitude that says it's okay to disparage the disabled and challenged, expecting, and too often knowing, the listeners will ascent to the poor humor. Obama's attitude informed him almost instinctively, without thought, the comment would not be received by anything other than good humor, that it's all in good fun.

Apologizing to a single organization isn't going to change anything, it's too little. A public apology really isn't going to do it, either. There is no amount of apologizing he can do.

What can Obama do? Confess. Go on a public forum and tell people that what he said and thought was wrong, just plain wrong. No excuses. No explanations. No promises to bring Special Olympians to the White House to make the boo-boo better. The promise Obama made to do just that is another example of his, and the nation's, paternalistic and disparaging attitude toward those seen as 'less than'. The idea that everything will be okay with an ice cream cone equivalent does not make up for the years of abuse and debasement. And what do we do the next time it happens?

Obama should go further by asking all of us to examine and talk about why such attitudes are still acceptable, question why we watch television programs like "America's Funniest Videos" that are chocked full of people being hurt causing the audience to laugh uproariously at someone else's pain rather than wince with sympathetic pain and ask if the person is alright now. Question why we as a nation have focused on the fact of the joke and not the genesis.

Laughing at the pain of others is what is really happening. It's a natural human response, but we've overcome other natural human responses before. The process is called 'civilization'. It's what allows us to live together without daily wholesale killing, also a natural human response, in every country, in every nation, in every neighborhood.

I do not want Obama to go the Bill Clinton "I feel your pain" route. That was so very false even liars were embarrassed. I want Obama to truly understand the actual pain of having to get up at 5:30AM to get to the job by 8AM even though the job is only 8 miles away. To understand that two hours or more is what is often spent just getting dressed because sometimes the body just won't cooperate with the brain, that buttoning a shirt or tying shoelaces may be the highest hurdle of the day whether the worker is a mailroom clerk or a CEO.

Special Olympians, their parents, disabled and crippled people, the parents of disabled and crippled children have been very forgiving and shown the world a brave face as if to say, "It don't mean nothin'. " I used to show the world the same face and allowed disrespectful and stupid comments to roll off like water from a duck. But, it never changed anything. To have such an idiot remark come from -- and pay attention here, because it will be the only time I use the name of the man and the office together -- the President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama is simply beyond acceptable, beyond excusable, beyond apology.

The Joke did not come from a place of unity, hope, or change. It came from the same dark evil place that all discrimination springs and is kept alive by our attitude that some people, some conditions are acceptable targets for humor, for good fun, for disrespect and derision.

This is not a Republican/Democrat thing; this is not a Conservative/Liberal thing. Nor is it a race thing or abilities thing. It's the attitude. Change the attitude.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sarah Palin's Special Olympics Remarks

Gov. Sarah Palin is a wonderful and gracious contrast to the crass, self-important, playground thug Barack Obama. Appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the current White House resident attempted self-deprecating humor by saying his bowling game was so bad it looked like Special Olympics. Once again, his cluelessness ended as self-defecating humor and national embarrassment.

Governor Palin's February address to the 2009 Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho shows a person who gets it. If you need an explanation of what 'it' is, you simply can't understand because you are probably an Obama supporter.

The love and compassion of this woman is real and palpable. She's the real deal. A pleasant change from the fakery, fraudulence, and snobbery of Barack Obama.

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Death Penalty Banned, Fed Abolition Law, 2 Local Dads Sexually Assault Infants

After years of litigation for an infant abuse/rape crime committed in Jan. 2005, the father of the 4-week-old defenseless boy will go to prison. The little boy survived, but with severe injuries. And people wonder why I support the death penalty.

I will begin and end with local news from Orange County California where I live in near total frustration at the stupidity of do-gooders and Liberals.
Father gets 21 years to life for biting, assaulting baby

The Orange County Register
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SANTA ANA – When a Lake Forest couple took their 4-week-old boy to a hospital in January 2005, doctors found the child with about 30 bite marks, multiple broken bones, bruises and a severe rip in his lips.

The couple told doctors that a family cat scratched the baby. But on Monday, the father of the boy, Andrew David Fusco, was handed a sentence of 21 years to life in state prison for abusing his son. Fusco was convicted of four felony counts of child abuse, two felony sexual assault counts, and two felony counts of aggravated assault of a child.

Prosecutors said that about four weeks after Fusco's boy was born, the 24-year-old man physically and sexually assaulted his son, causing several injuries to the newborn.

When doctors treated the child on Jan. 3, 2005, he was found to have multiple fractures in his arms, legs and ribs, as well as bruises in his cheeks and stomach. He also suffered severe facial injuries.

According to prosecutors, Fusco and his girlfriend, Megan Michelle Martinez, 23, lied to doctors about the injuries.

Martinez was convicted in June 2007 of child abuse for putting her baby in danger by allowing Fusco to continue abusing the boy. She was sentenced in December 2007 to six years in state prison.

The baby, who has not been identified, survived the injuries and was adopted by a family in Orange County.

A person apparently close to the family, wrote in the on-line comments that the father was tweaking on meth at the time and somehow that should exonerate the couple who willfully put the child in danger in the first place.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson(D), a long time supporter of the death penalty,changed his mind yesterday and signed a law abolishing capital punishment in that state. The LA Times said,
In an act of courage, Gov. Bill Richardson repealed capital punishment in the state. Hopefully his decision will make it easier for other officials to follow their conscience.

In signing the bill, Richardson called his action the most difficult of his life, but said he was compelled to take it because "the potential for ... execution of an innocent person stands as anathema to our very sensibilities as human beings." Those are words of moral courage by a governor fortunately in place to deliver them.
Euroweenies hail the signing as a victory for civilization. From the Taiwan News,

Europe's human rights watchdog on Thursday hailed New Mexico's abolition of the death penalty as "a victory for civilization."

Gov. Bill Richardson's enactment of a law replacing lethal injection with a sentence of life in prison without parole foreshadows the end of capital punishment across the U.S., said Terry Davis, the secretary general of the 47-nation Council of Europe.

He called it a "courageous decision," adding, "14 U.S. states have abolished the death penalty, and several others are considering it. The tide is turning and the end of this cruel and inhuman form of punishment in the United States is only a matter of time."
Russell Feingold, US Senator(D-Wisconsin) introduced a bill to Congress Thursday to end capital punishment for federal crimes. AlterNet has this about the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2009",

Democratic US Senator Russell Feingold on Thursday introduced legislation to put an immediate halt to federal executions and abolish the death penalty for violations of federal law.

"It is truly unfortunate that we are in a shrinking minority of countries that continue to allow state-sponsored executions," he said, noting that capital punishment has been banned in 123 countries around the world.

"I oppose the death penalty because it is inconsistent with basic American principles of justice, liberty and equality," said the Wisconsin senator, whose legislation would not affect individual states
Also on Thursday, Mar. 19, a 3-month-old girl died from the injuries inflicted upon her by her father. On Tuesday, around 5PM, police were called to help little Ilianna who was not breathing. Ilianna died at 4:45PM Thursday. The Orange County Register reports wrote today,

SANTA ANA – A 3-month-old baby girl died Thursday from injuries believed to have been inflicted by her father earlier this week, police said.

Christian Gonzalez, 23, of Santa Ana was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of child abuse after his daughter, Ilianna, suffered traumatic injuries, said Santa Ana police Cmdr. Tammy Franks.

Police were sent around 5 p.m. Tuesday to an apartment complex in the 1600 block of North King Street near 17th Street after Gonzalez called 911 regarding a baby girl who was not breathing, Franks said.

The baby was unresponsive and was taken to an Orange County hospital in critical condition.

She died as a result of her injuries at 4:45 p.m. Thursday, Franks said.

"He physically assaulted the infant, causing severe head trauma,” Franks said, adding that details of the assault are not being released pending the ongoing investigation.

Gonzalez appeared in court this morning to be arraigned on child-abuse charges. A homicide charge is expected to be filed today, Franks said.

Her mother has been cooperative during the investigation and, thus far, detectives don’t believe she is involved.

A 1 1/2-year-old girl was taken into protective custody.
There was a time when I opposed capital punishment, but couldn't explain why beyond the Liberal platitudes that every life is precious, each execution diminishes each of us, blah, blah, blah.

Andrew David Fusco needs to be dead. If found guilty, Christian Gonzalez needs to be dead. I support capital punishment for child killers and pedophiles, and I know why -- it's the right thing to do.

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Obama Mocks Disabled in His Own Words and in Context

"Don't tell me words don't matter," Obama told Wisconsin Democrats February 16, 2008.

"'I have a dream' -- just words. 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal' -- just words. 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself ' - just words. Just speeches."

Disgusting and shameful. But, that's Barack Obama, folks. His apologists have tried to cover the Messiah's ass by saying

"The president made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics. He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world."
His comment in no way was intended to disparage the Special Olympics and millions of disabled around the world! What planet am I on? Does anyone believe this crap?

Now he wants us to believe his mocking of the disabled was an offhand remark -- just words. No. They were not just words, but the undisciplined thoughts a truly dumb-fuck nigger about honorable people of whom he thinks everyone feels superiority and disdain. Is it any wonder that he enthusiastically endorses abortion? If those babies he wants dead were to be born and grow up, they may be disabled, they may one day be Special Olympians, and he can't allow that. His own superiorty would continue to be challenged. That can't happen. He is The One we have all been waiting for -- The Messiah without a brain, without a heart, and without courage.

Our nation isn't broken; our financial system isn't broken; Barack Obama is broken. Barack Obama has always been broken and proves it nearly everyday. Barack Obama needs to be fixed or put down.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Mocks Special Olympians

The Special Olympics motto states, "Let me win but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt." Physically and mentally challenged athletes the world over prepare year round for a few moments of supreme triumph. The attempt made is without question an act of superior courage and desire.

Barack Obama, the presumptuous White House occupier, mocked the Special Olympic and the Olympians with a supremely crass and reprehensible joke making light of the achievements of the thousands who struggle mightily just to don their countries uniforms, walk or wheel or crawl to the track or pool or alley, and earn the respect of their country and the world.

President Obama sat down with Jay Leno on Thursday for a late-night TV interview that spanned a range of topics -- from the economic crisis to the presidential dog -- and even, at one point, featured the president joking that his bowling ability was suitable for the Special Olympics.

The bowling comment was a reminder of his poor performance on the lanes last year during one of his campaign stops. Obama bragged to "The Tonight Show" that he recently bowled 129 on the White House alley.

"It's like Special Olympics," he said.
Really, Barry? Like the Special Olympics? The photo above, is that how you bowl, Barry? Does your body rebel every day against the simplest of tasks? Do you, Barry, need aid just to hold the damned bowling ball? Is your bowling really like the Special Olympics? Or is the truth that you are an arrogant, pompous ass devoid of any empathy whatsoever; that all the sympathy you know you learned by reading Bill Clinton's book?

To be just a tenth as good as a Special Olympian can only be a pipe dream for the disgusting Chicago thug that is Barack Obama. The only thing world class about Obama is his standing as putz-in-chief. For this episode, there is no excuse, no explanation, no remedy; there is no amount of two-faced double talk that can smooth this away.

I have seen American leaders on the world stage since Truman, some exemplary, some embarrassing. This is the first time in my adult life that I am ashamed of the leader of this country.

Washington Post, The Sleuth

Leno asked the president whether the White House bowling alley had been "burned and closed down" in light of Obama's gutter ball embarrassment on the campaign trail last year.

Obama replied, "No, no. I have been practicing . . . I bowled a 129."

The audience roared with laughter, and the late-night talk show host assured Obama "that's very good, Mr. President." To which Obama interjected, "It's like -- it was like Special Olympics, or something."

The audience laughed. But the White House didn't let the comment linger without clarification.

"The president made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics," White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters flying aboard Air Force One after the taping of the show, according to a transcript released by the White House. "He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world."
Oh, so Obama isn't crass, just thoughtless. And we're supposed to feel so much better that we have a national leader who doesn't think before before talking. Not good enough; try again.

Michelle Malkin has links and more.

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Obama Stunned on Leno

"Stunned, stunned to find out there are bonuses being paid to executives in a private enterprise corporation," was what Obama said tonight when Leno asked how he reacted to being told there were bonuses being paid to executives in a private enterprise corporation.

Obama also said of Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, "You're doin' a heck of a job, Tim."

BURBANK, Calif. [AP] – President Barack Obama told Jay Leno on Thurday that he was stunned when he learned of the bonuses that bailed-out insurance giant AIG was paying its employees.

Obama told "The Tonight Show" host the payments raise moral and ethical problems — and vowed again to try to recoup the cash for taxpayers.

"We're going to do everything we can to get these bonuses back", he declared.

Leno asked Obama what he thought when his staff first advised him of the payments, many made to traders in the very division that brought American International Group to ruin.

"'Stunned' is the word," Obama replied in a taped appearance on "Tonight." He said he found it hard to fathom how anyone would accept lavish payments in those circumstances. "People just had this sense of entitlement. We must be the best and the brightest."

But Obama staunchly defended Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who's increasingly come under fire for failing to block the bonuses.

"I think Geithner is doing an outstanding job," Obama said. "He is a smart guy. He is a calm and steady guy. I don't think people fully appreciate the plate that was handed him."

Obama added Geithner's carrying on "with grace and good humor. He understand that he's on the hot seat."
Obama has overturned many Bush policies, but it would be good if he were to keep one policy. Whenever President Bush said one of his aids was doing a heck of a job that aid left the post within weeks. Recall, "You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie," and "Rummy's doin' a heck of a job." In a short time, they were both history.

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House Dems - AIG Can't Keep Bonuses

What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours and the House Democrats changed their collective mind and now demand that AIG executives either return the bonus money or the feds will tax the bonus at rate of 90%.

What the Dems voted down yesterday was the Republican sponsored HR 1577 - The AIG Bonus Payment Bill. Here's what it would have done:

Section 1: The Secretary of the Treasury shall, notwithstanding any other provision of law, implement a plan within the next two weeks to recoup or stay the payment of AIG bonuses.

Section 2: No additional funds may be provided to AIG until the bonuses are returned.

Section 3: Any future bonus payments, of any kind, by TARP fund recipients who have not within two weeks of enactment of the bill repaid the government in full, must be approved in advance by Treasury.

Section 4: Any future contractual obligations to make bonus payments of any kind entered into by TARP fund recipients who have not within two weeks of enactment of the bill repaid the government in full must be approved in advance by Treasury.
With blitzkrieg speed, the House of Representatives voted 328-93 to approve a new tax on executive bonuses.

The bill would levy a 90 percent tax on bonuses paid to employees with family incomes above $250,000 at companies that have received at least $5 billion in government bailout money.

"We figured that the local and state governments would take care of the other 10 percent," said Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee.Rangel.
Corporate tax attorney, Robert Willens, said there is precedents aplenty "for levying punitive taxes on behavior that lawmakers find objectionable." It can even be done ex post facto which means an act can be declared illegal after it's happened and be applied retroactively. Never mind the Constitution forbids such laws. Willens said, "You can write very narrowly tailored laws. And they can do it for bonuses already paid."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "We want our money back and we want our money back now for the taxpayers."

"The American people demand protection and that's what we're doing today," said Rep. Charles Rangel.

Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind, said, "The Democratic bill brought to the floor today is constitutionally questionable. It's obviously a transparent attempt to divert attention away from the truth that Democrats in Congress and this administration made these bonus payments possible."

Obama said, "Now, for the Tar Heels that are watching, I picked you all last year — you let me down. This year, don't embarrass me in front of the nation, all right? I'm counting on you. I still got those sneakers you guys gave me."

I'm heartened that the White House resident can focus on what's important and not be distracted by the people's business. Otherwise, he could really screw things up.

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Movin' On Up to the West Wing

Next Tuesday, Obama will interrupt regular television programming again with another lecture fireside chat. The four major broadcast networks, writes James Hibbbard of The Live Feed, intend to fulfill their civic obligation to clear their schedules for the Community Organizer-in-Chief.

However, the ever increasing Activist-in-Chief interruptions is beginning to wear thin for network executives who are losing millions of advertising dollars with each episode of Movin' On Up to the West Wing.

After having nearly the entire fall season sidelined by the campaign, one exasperated network executive said

"At a time when we're struggling not only financially but to build audiences, this doesn't help on either front. These repeated interruptions -- and the rumor of even more to come -- really make it difficult to build audience flow and loyalty. We will all lose one or two million dollars for this."
Another said,

"I believe in the president and his policies, and as broadcasters we have a responsibility to provide the airtime. But these frequent primetime requests are wreaking serious havoc with our schedule and our advertisers. Ratings are down everywhere and the airtime is costing us all significant dollars when we can least afford it."
Funny how the network execs didn't feel the same obligation for the public good when President George Bush needed to talk to the public about Muslim maniacs wanting to kill us. Several times the networks refused airtime requests from President Bush. But, as soon as Liberals start losing their own money to bad investing strategies, they can't offer enough time. Now Obama is taking too much.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House Dems - AIG Execs Can Keep Bonus

Democrat leaders were outraged, outraged, today at the actions of AIG when they learned recently (last October) that the insurance company intended to pay out millions of dollars of bail-out money as bonuses to company executives. Meanwhile, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac intend to hand out $611,000 to each of several executives of the government corporations. ... Your bonus, Senator. Oh, thank you...

Congress has threatened to pass a law, an ex post facto law, to tax the bonus payments at a 100% rate. Some congressfolk called for prison time for AIG officers. Republican Sen Grassley even called upon those officers to commit sepuku. Public anger ran high all day today - villagers with pitchforks time. Some AIG execs have actually returned their bonuses after buying clean underwear.

Finally, this afternoon, the House of Representatives took an extraordinary vote to solve to outrageous situation. They voted to let AIG executives keep the money!!

From the web page of Republican Whip Eric Holder -

Moments ago on the House floor, Democrats did something truly remarkable – they voted to let AIG executives keep their taxpayer-financed bonuses. As you know, this week, $165 million was awarded to 73 AIG employees primarily for the AIG financial products division (11 of the employees are no longer with AIG).

Rep. Erik Paulsen and Rep. Leonard Lance offered a plan to direct the Secretary of the Treasury to implement a plan to recoup or stay the payment of AIG bonuses. To be clear, today’s vote was to stop the bonus payments on behalf of the American taxpayers – go below the fold to see a list of Democrats that voted against it.

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Taliban's Way of Thinking

First Lieutenant Kristen L. Rouse served in the 10th Mountain Division, Army National Guard in Afghanistan from 2006 to 2007. Today she is an Op-Ed contributor for the New York Times. She's been in harm's way, she's seen war and suffering, she's seen the face of evil. The face she describes here is Taliban.

The Children of Asadabad
March 17, 2009

ONE afternoon in April 2006, my Army unit got word that the hospital at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, might need help carrying possibly dozens of litters from medevac helicopters into the emergency room.

The story gradually filtered in: the Taliban had attacked a primary school just east of us in Asadabad. The school taught young boys and girls together in an open courtyard outside a mosque. One rocket made a direct hit on the children as they sat in class. A second rocket exploded nearby. Seven children were killed. Thirty-four were wounded.

We had arrived in Afghanistan only a few months before and it hadn’t occurred to us that schoolchildren would be among the Taliban’s targets. But we soon learned that the Taliban routinely burned school buildings, assassinated teachers, and even singled out the children themselves for maiming, dismemberment and attack. As the Taliban see it, boys should not be educated beyond rote learning of narrow theology, and girls must not be educated at all. The Asadabad attack — although one of the most severe to date — was hardly unique.

In the end, only a half-dozen of the children were flown from Asadabad to Bagram for advanced care, and we weren’t needed to carry litters after all. But we still wanted to help. We made paper toys and took them to the few who were awake and able to move around. Some of the boys and girls were fine, but it seemed most of them weren’t. We smiled and visited with them for a few minutes, but ultimately I found it hard to look.

It has been two years and one month since I returned from Afghanistan, and I hadn’t thought of those children in a while. But the news last month that Pakistan conceded the Swat Valley to the Taliban, and with little apparent objection from American officials — it’s been getting to me. The valley’s a mere 70 miles or so east of Asadabad. And when I heard that the Taliban proceeded to shut down nearly 200 Swat Valley schools — well, it’s been keeping me up at night.

It’s also made me get back in touch with many of the soldiers I deployed with, sharing stories and talking about Afghanistan’s future. We hold diverse views about the war and about what should happen next. But I can tell you this much: many of the veterans I know are outraged at the possibility of the United States negotiating with the Taliban as if they were just another Afghan political party and not a criminal gang that inflicts and enforces the most extreme ignorance, poverty and violence upon innocent people — upon schoolchildren.

It was actually Jeanette Martinez who reminded me about the children in Asadabad. She was a medic from my unit assigned to support combat troops in the eastern mountains bordering Pakistan, and she was on the scene in Asadabad right after the attack happened. Jeanette said that at first she thought the call on the radio was a drill. But she soon found herself with other medics and corpsmen amid dozens of injured children, organizing their limited medical resources and triaging the children who might make it from those who wouldn’t.

Jeanette remembers handing a ventilation bag to a Marine who had helped to carry a little boy to a shaded spot in the yard. She remembers showing him how to place the mask over the boy’s mouth and use the bag to keep him breathing. She knew the boy wouldn’t make it. When she checked in on them later, she found the Marine overwhelmed with tears, dutifully squeezing the bag as he watched the boy die.

Jeanette also told me about a little girl she helped to take from the yard into a mud-brick building they used as an impromptu clinic. The girl had an open head wound. Jeanette began treating the girl but quickly realized the magnitude of her injury.

She told me: “They wanted me to fix her, suture or staple her closed. But I could see her brain, and had no idea how to properly close that wound. She was the toughest little girl I’ve ever seen. Didn’t cry or anything; she was awake, just looking around. Victim of the Taliban’s way of thinking.”

Again, these are the people Obama wants to sit down and reason with. And so many folks in this country and around the world still think he is sane.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children of the Taliban

Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy travelled to the Swat Valley of Pakistan in February 2009 only three weeks before the Pakistani government ceded the state to Taliban control. In Swat, she met and tried to interview two young girls whose school had been destroyed by Taliban. The interview is interrupted by an impending Taliban attack, mortar fire can be heard in the background. They retreat to the home of one of the girls where the father is interviewed. She also speaks with a 14 year old boy who had been fighting with the Taliban recently.

In Part 2, she speaks with a madrassa teacher who says that Islam can never run out of lambs for sacrifice. How can Islam be defeated when so many with to be martyred for Allah and paradise. A Taliban recruiter is asked if it is permissible to use children as young as five in jihadi operations. He says, "...children are tools to achieve God's will.... so it's fine."

And the current White House resident and closet Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, wants America to sit 'round the campfire with these guys and talk peace (read surrender.) To paraphrase Sen Grassley, 'I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe [Obama] ought to be removed. But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward [him] if [he'd] follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I'm sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.'

(h/t Atlas Shrugs)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Synchronized Chaos Dooms Global Warming

Global Warmists aren't the only ones with fancy computer climate models. We Global Coolists now have our own computer climate model. And it has a cool name - synchronized chaos. A perfect oxymoron for our time (Zis is chaos! Vee don't synchronize here!)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee climate smart guys used a math application, synchronized chaos, to analyze climate data over the past 100 years. The data indicates Earth's air and ocean systems, which regulate global temperature, are beginning a synchronous stage. In time, "the systems begin to couple and the synchronous state is destroyed, leading to a climate shift." I don't know what that means, but climate shift sounds a lot better than the Global Warmist, "We're all gonna die!"

Dr. Anastasios Tsonis, described as "researcher", said something about synchronized swimming, that if the swimmers weren't doing the same thing at the same time then they weren't synchronized anymore. That may make sense at the Olympics, but we all know synchronized swimming isn't a real sport like golf or bowling, so I don't know why he even brought it up.

Tsonis went on to more lucidly explain,

"In climate, when this happens, the climate state changes. You go from a cooling regime to a warming regime or a warming regime to a cooling regime. This way we were able to explain all the fluctuations in the global temperature trend in the past century. The research team has found the warming trend of the past 30 years has stopped and in fact global temperatures have leveled off since 2001... if we don't understand what is natural, I don't think we can say much about what the humans are doing. So our interest is to understand -- first the natural variability of climate -- and then take it from there. So we were very excited when we realized a lot of changes in the past century from warmer to cooler and then back to warmer were all natural."
So! There you have it -- warmer, cooler; cooler, warmer. Climate fluctuations natural as the seasons, observations filled with education and reason. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly flow the days. Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers, blossoming even as we gaze. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years. One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.

Mazel tov, smart guys at UW-M!! The debate is over. Houston, we have consensus.

See also:
Synchronized Chaos: Mechanisms For Major Climate Shifts
ScienceDaily (Aug. 2, 2007)

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