Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alice Still Lives Here

This is Alice. A Turkish Van cat.

I had no intention of having a cat. Alice had other ideas. I returned home from work and this cat was rolling around and meowing on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. One of the Asst. Managers was also there and she suggested I take in the friendly stray. I reminded the AM about the $300 deposit for cats. She said the deposit could be waived because I wasn't technically bringing a cat into the apartment. The cat's a stray, not the same as pet adoption, she said.

As this conversation was going on, I was unlocking and opening my door. I turned and told the AM that no, I just wasn't prepared for the care and feeding of a cat, not to mention all the medical stuff. I said goodnight, stepped into my apartment, switched on a light, closed and locked the door.

I turned to the room and the stray cat was sitting in the middle of my living room. She looked up at me with that plaintive cat face they can do. I said, "Oh, no you don't! You can't stay here."

I opened the door and said, "Shoo! Out you go!"

The cat just lay down.

I said, "Ohhh, alright. It's cold out there. But just one night. Tomorrow you're outta here."

Come morning, I left for work and the cat left, too. I came home that evening and the cat was waiting for me on the doormat. As soon as I opened the door, she walked in as if she owned the place. Obviously this cat was going to stay no matter what I wanted.

As long as she was going to live here, she had to have a name. I set about trying out all kinds of names none of which the cat would respond to. Several days went by and still no name. One night, while watching World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, I heard Peter read a story about dumb Democrats in Congress doing something dumb as Democrats will do. I looked down at the stray cat and said, "Whattya thinka that, Alice."

Well, her head popped up and her ears rotated toward me. Then she jumped up on my lap. I said, "Am I to assume your name is Alice?" She butted her head into my chin as if to say, "Duh! Took ya long enough."

That was seven years ago. She still won't go away.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Los Angeles Counter Mass Rally for Israel

YID With LID received this email:

Jan. 10: National Day of Emergency Mass Action
Regional Mass March & Rally in Los Angeles
Stop the U.S./Israeli War on Palestine! Let Gaza Live!

Saturday, January 10, 12 noon
Westwood Federal Building
11000 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles (at Veteran)
[just off the 405 Freeway, near UCLA]

Click here for map and directions

You can mention my name, Shane Borgess, and my email address,

I'm a staunch Israel supporter, always have been. It's not because Israel is a small country dwarfed in number and hatred by her enemies surrounding her (I've never been so foolish as to base morality on an argument of proportion [see Sarkozi]), but for reasons far deeper. Though I'm a Catholic, I see in my Jewish friends a religious tradition and wisdom that was the foundation of my faith and the moral foundation of Western culture. Anyone with eyes to see must recognize that Israel and her enemies offer starkly different visions of the future. Israel has proven her loyalty to liberal traditions and the love of life. Hamas, Fatah and their enablers throughout the world only promise a medieval existence and an unquenched thirst for murder in Allah's name. We here in America live well and in safety, and that's because we know what our priorities must be if we treasure peace and human dignity. One of those priorities must be that we stand up to support publicly those values that secure freedom. Getting up off the couch and standing in support of Israel now is the least we can do for a people and a religion that has given the world so much. Meet me in Los Angeles - it's time to step forward and show the world where we stand.

Unlike Shane, I am not a Catholic, but an Atheist. However, I too am a staunch supporter of Israel for all the same reasons. I encourage anyone in the Counties of LA, Orange, Ventura, Riverside to rush to Wilshire and Veteran Saturday to support Israel and oppose the Muhammadan moon worshippers.

Be there, or be square enslaved.

Oh, yeah... almost forgot - LA temps will be in the high 70's Saturday, clear blue skies. Another day in paradise and not a virgin in sight.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vatican: Gaza is Concentration Camp

Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace, in a interview for Il Sussidiario criticized the Israeli actions in Gaza. He said Gaza increasingly resembles a concentration camp, "assomiglia sempre piĆ¹ ad un grande campo di concentramento." (Translated page.)

The BBC reports that Martino's
words mark the Vatican's toughest comments since Israel began its offensive with intensive air attacks 12 days ago.

He accused both sides of only thinking of their own interests while innocent people paid the price.

Pope Benedict XVI has already called for an end to the conflict.

Cardinal Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace, made the comment to Italian online site Il Sussidiario.

"Defenceless populations are always the ones who pay," he said.

"Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp."

The BBC's David Willey in Rome says relations between Israel and the Vatican have been strained recently, after the Pope made it clear that he favoured making Pope Pius XII a saint.

The controversial wartime pope was accused by some Jews of turning a blind eye to the holocaust.

Cardinal Martino's comments were immediately criticised by Israel, who said the Vatican was repeating Hamas propaganda.
The Cardinal's comments do not help anyone but Hamas and only serve to inflame passions against the Jewish state of Israel. Martino's comments essentially the same as the Muslim woman in the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. demonstration Dec 30, 2008. As the crowds of pro-Hamas and pro-Israel crowds grew, one hijabbed woman began shouting vile epithets at the Jewish demonstrators.
"Go back to the oven," she shouted, calling for the counter-protesters to die in the manner that the Nazis used to exterminate Jews during the Holocaust.

"You need a big oven, that's what you need," she yelled.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hamas Needed Dead Baby Pictures

The United Nations has denied the Israeli claims that Hamas terrorists had secreted themselves in the Gaza U.N. school shelled Tuesday by the IDF. Forty-two Gazans were killed when three tank rounds exploded inside and around the school.

UN spokesman, Christopher Gunness, said the UNRWA which operates the school was "99.9% certain" that militants were not present and no militant activity had occurred inside the school when the IDF attacked. Actually, the school was a former school. It had been converted to a U.N. refugee camp to accommodate 400 people displaced when fighting between Hamas and Israel resumed Dec 26. At the time of the attack, it was not functioning as a school, so forget the whole gleeful children playing on swings and kids eagerly awaiting the bell imagery meant to shock the world with the dichotomy of lifeless bodies on a playground.

Two people living in the neighborhood told Associated Press reporters they had witnessed a small group of Hamas militants shooting off mortar rounds from the street near the school. Also, Israeli Intelligence had been tipped that among the dead in the school/refugee camp were

members of a rocket launching cell... identified two as Imad Abu Askar and Hassan Abu Askar.

Two residents who spoke to an AP reporter by phone said the two brothers were known to be low-level Hamas militants. They said a group of militants was firing mortar shells from near the school.

An Israeli shell missed the men, and they fled, the witnesses said. Then three shells landed nearby, exploding among civilians, they said.
Hamas engineered the attack on the school. They populated the building with children and families. They deliberately fired mortar rounds at the Israeli Defence Force. Up to that point, Hamas did not have the dead baby pictures they needed to sway world public opinion to their favor again. Now they do and the world is eating it up. However, fewer are being fooled this time.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Brown Jacket Man, Red Shirt Man, and Green Helmet Man

In Gaza, a new man has appeared and he's been dubbed Brown Jacket Man as an homage to the Green Helmet man from the last Israeli/Palestinian war up in Lebanon back in '06. Some blog folk think Brown Jacket Man is turning up in too many photos in Gaza.

(h/t Snapshots)

The guy at left in the brown jacket appears to be the same guy in the brown jacket above. Also, note the big happy grin on the kneeling man.

I'm not interested in Brown Jacket Man. I'm interested in Red Shirt Man. I think we've seen him before. Gaza's Red Shirt Man looks an awful lot like Lebanon's Green Helmet Man.

Chances are greatest that Red Shirt and Green Helmet are different superheroes, but you know what they say - all superheroes look alike.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Who Is He? Woooh!

Renato Zero. There's not an Italian from 1978 who doesn't know Renato Zero and "Triangolo", the greatest song of the Italian glam star. I had great fun at the Renato Zero concert in Florence when I was studying Art there. My view wasn't as close as the old film here, but I did risk life and limb climbing the scaffolding to see above the crowd.

I can still hear it... "Lui chi e.... wooooh!"

Great fun. Just great.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Proof of Birth - It's Easy

The twin brothers were born on different days in different years in the same hospital. Tarrance Griffith was born Dec 31, 2008 at 11:51pm. Little brother, Tariq Griffith was born Jan 1, 2009 at 12:17am. Both were born in Michigan, USA.

We know because their birth certificates tell us so.

Gertrude Baines of Los Angeles is the world's oldest person at 114 years. She was born April 6, 1894 in Georgia, USA.

We know because her birth certificate tells us so.

President elect Barack Obama was born 47 years ago on Aug 8, 1961 somewhere in Hawai'i, USA.

We know because his birth certificate... uhh... well, we know because Barry tells us so.

We have been given no valid Birth Certificate (proof of origin) only a Certification of Live Birth (proof of birth) which isn't really necessary because we can plainly see Barack Obama was, in fact, born somewhere sometime. Wouldn't it be nice if we knew more about the birth of our future president than we do about twins and an old lady?

The $64,000 question is, if a Hawai'i birth certificate does exist as Obama claims, why doesn't he just release the damned thing and settle all the questions? The Hawai'ian governor's office has said there is a valid certificate on file, but has rejected all requests to see it on privacy grounds, but has also left the document's origin ambiguous.

An unscientific America Online poll shows that nationwide over 53% of respondents want to see a valid Birth Certificate for Barack Obama. His adopted home state of Illinois is even split at 47-47.

Opinion in South Dakota and Wyoming "runs 65-40 that Obama's eligibility needs to be investigated, but those figures are topped in Mississippi, where fully two-thirds believe the truths need to be revealed...Even left-leaning Washington state came in at 53-42-5 saying there's merit to the issue, and in California it was 50-45-5. In North Dakota and Texas 61 percent said there's an issue to review."

Even the United States of America has a birth certificate. It's called the Declaration of Independence, but it's a birth certificate all the same. We can go to Washington, D.C. and look at it. A growing number of people want to see the Obama birth certificate, the real deal, nothing less.

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