Sunday, December 06, 2009

Network Climategate Silence Broken by CBS

CBS News, after 15 days, has broken the silence kept by the three major US news broadcast networks on the Climategate email release indicating collusion and fraud amongst climate researchers at East Anglia University, England. Kimberly Dozier reports:

CBS Video, You Tube
Dozier writes in her article at CBS,

The e-mails show some of the world's top experts decided to exclude or manipulate some research that didn't help prove global warming exists.

1998 was the hottest year since record-keeping began...but the temperature went down the next year, and it's only spiked a couple times since.

An e-mail exchange in 1999 shows scientists worked hard to demonstrate an upward trend. They talk of using a "trick" to "hide the decline" in global temperatures.

It worked like this: when temperature readings extrapolated from tree rings showed what looked like a decline in temperatures from the 1980s to the present, the scientists added in measurements taken later by more modern instruments, which gave them the answer they wanted.

The scientists say the e-mails are being misinterpreted.
From Betsy's Page today, Garbage in, Garbage out, the BBC investigated the base coding that was used to collate the climate data.

Eyeblast TV
Dominoes of fraud are falling faster than temperatures.

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Mike's America said...

Thanks for that update Indigo. I noticed that CBS gave about 3 to 1 time for people backing the Warmers point of view (Trenberth, Gibbs, UN) over Inhofe.

It's pretty clear from this report, plus the Obamaton testimony I saw in a recent congressional hearing, that they plan to push ahead with their climate crap despite the fact that the science is hopelessly corrupted.

There is just too much MONEY$$$ at stake for these socialists to stop now.

Indigo Red said...

That's absolutely true, Mike. However, taxpayers are a fickle lot as are politicians. Back in 1975, our government was pushing the coming ice age, but provable doubt and expense stopped the process. Copenhagen will come to nothing because no country is going to abandon its own best interest to carry out whatever is promised. Capitalism and freewill win again.

Tom said...

About fricken time that someone from the MSM got a clue...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that it takes the "elites" so long to realize wht us average folks deduce with just a little common sense? Don

Louise said...

Reasonably balanced report, too.

Is something wrong in MSM land?

Mike's America said...

I didn't think of this earlier, but does a CBS newscast on a Saturday night even count?

How many people even watch news on Sat. night?

Still no reporting from the Big three on any weekday newscast.

Indigo Red said...

Good question, Mike. And now the question includes Sunday because NBC and ABC included the emails in reports but more to say they were bogus, a distraction, a product of theft, and generally to discount the opposition and re-redefine the battle lines without admitting anything.