Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wash Hands All Ye Who Enter Here

The US-Mexico border will have 384 fewer agents come October 1st. With nearly 1,300 miles of southern border still beyond effective control and easily breached, the Obama administration feels it's more important to reinforce the Canadian-American border. Nevermind the DoJ Accountability Office reported three terror linked people and 530 folks from special interest countries were intercepted at the Mexican border by Border Patrol agents.

While the rest of us will be less protected, the White House will gain protection. The White House has stepped up it's germ warfare arsenal with Purell hand sanitizer stations in Dear Leader's Executive Mansion. The most important station is just outside the Oval Office so Dear Leader does not succumb to the dread swine flu.

In place of the displaced Border Patrol agents, Purell sanitizing stations should be set up along the southern border so the illegals can enter with clean hands. But what's it matter when the Immigation Reform Act later this year will make all the illegals legal anyway?

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