Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama vs Bush: Smackdown at the Pentagon

Obama spoke to the Pentagon yesterday in words so similar to those spoken by Pres. George W. Bush in his farewell address that one might think Obama a plagiarist. One cannot, however, say Obama was being sincere, uplifting, inspiring, or speaking from his heart.

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With similar words and sentiments, can you tell which man is disingenuous and just sleep walking through a disagreeable task because someone handed him a speech to read. And read it he did, as a schoolboy whose been told to eat his carrots - 'Aww, geez! Do I have to?'

Bush, on the other hand, was a poor speaker. He knew, we knew it. And he was always sincere, meant and felt what he said. We knew exactly where Dubya stood on any issue. So did foreign adversaries who didn't waste their time confronting him. They waited for a wuss in the White House and now they've got one.

Now, had this been an apology from Obama for some imagined wrong America had done...

h/t: Greg Engler,, 9/11: Obama "The Brilliant Communicator" vs. Bush "The Idiot"

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Indigo Rose said...

I watch a program, something Lies, about a group of people who make their living reading people's faces; what they don't say out-loud, but their faces give away.
Wonder what they would have to say about Obama's scowling brow, his not looking up and making eye contact with anyone? They use Bill Clinton's face a lot when they are showing expressions of contempt, or lying, or when he thought he was being smarter than everyone else.

Indigo Red said...

Lie to Me is the program. Obama would be pegged as a liar and narcissist very quickly and many people already have. Obama demobstrates in word and deed, a large amount of contempt for just about everyone and evreything and he can't stop himself from insinuating himself into even the pettiest of situations like the Cambridge, MA professor vs cop and the Kanye West/Taylor Swift dustup. He really sees no boundary for himself neither as a person nor president. He's not a good liar, but his words are effective enough to overcome the physical cues to convince the gullible he is sincere and honest.

Indigo Rose said...

did he really butt into the Kanye West/Taylor Swift thing? Good grief!

Indigo Red said...

Yeah. I write about it today.