Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama Spoke And It Was Good

Obama's prepared remarks to America's students at the Back to School Event, with pre-pre-event coverage here at Indigo Red, Buster Obama Goes to Sesame Street, seems like it was days ago, but happened only this morning. Already, bloggers and newsers are ripping it to pieces as if it were pulled pork. In fact, the pulling began Monday, a day before the speech was actually spoken.

Ed Morrissey at HotAir ran the speech through a word frequency counter program and found:

•56 iterations of “I”
•19 iterations of “school”
•10 iterations of “education”
•8 iterations of “responsibility”
•7 iterations of “country”
•5 iterations each of “parents”, “teachers”
•3 iterations of “nation”
That's a lot of "I" especially when he says, "It's not about me."

I have been an outspoken critic of Obama and clench my teeth to hold down the bile when forced to refer to him as President. I am no fan of his character, his policies, or his politics. One could rightly say that I don't like Obama and that would be nearly 100% true. Generally, I give him no quarter, but this time I can spare a dime.

I'm going to give the Messiah a break on the speech itself. The lesson plans, however, are a whole other ballgame. The speech was very much centered around his own life and school experience. Whether born in one of two hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii, or one hospital in Nairobi, or a mud hut in Mudhut, Kenya, his subsequent story from inarguable humble beginnings to the White House is one that is inspiring to kids at the lowest rungs of society who may never have seen a future for themselves and kids higher up who don't see a future anymore since the "plant closed down."

He used his own story to inspire and challenge, so, yeah, he used "I" a lot. Not all of those kids are socialist fodder just as Alinsky's rules are not just for commie pinko rats. And even the right thinking smart kids, those who haven't drunk deeply the kool-aid of socialism, will get something from the speech - stay in school, set goals, study hard, play hard, try to win, when you lose, get up and do it again, when your opponent falters, lend a steadying hand. I can't think that those wise words, and wise they are, constitute the greatest evil facing this nation. When the rules are wrong, improve the rules, change the rules, void the rules. There's only one law worse than a good law gone bad and that's a bad law that's bad from the get go and only gets worse and no one steps out from the crowd to right the wrong.

If you believe Civil Disobedience has no place in America today or it is the province of only one side of a political argument, that bad law does not exist today, here and around the globe, then go back to Birmingham, Alabama and read again Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter from the Birmingham Jail; go back to South Africa and read again Mohandas K. Gandhi's Satyagraha in South Africa. Bad law needs to be exposed and abolished with good law put in its stead.

But, when generations of school children, from lack of guidance and encouragement, believe no law is better or worse than any other; that no philosophy - political, social, or religious - is better or worse than any other; that no country - as constituted and organized at this moment - is better or worse than any other; that no person is better or worse than any other, then nothing will change, nothing can change unless and until children are taught that better is possible with hard work and determination; that evil, or whatever one wishes to call it when one group of people purposefully sets out to harm another, or just one person of malice harms another, can be overcome. Even when the gain is small, progress is still made.

A large number Americans correctly demanded to see Obama's speech before it was delivered to our young and it was provided. We read along as Obama voiced the words. With minor spoken variation, the speech was exactly as presented on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. There were no exhortations or blandishments, neither blatant nor subliminal, to rip children from their parents or excise free will from their brains which are without form and void to the service of the STATE - socialist, fascist, or otherwise. There were only the encouragements to do one's best, to follow the rules, to work hard for greater rewards in a future better than the now, which was once our future.

And wash your hands.

If that is evil, then we've all lost complete track of reality.

We can all use encouragement now and again. Without the arguably illegal lesson plans, the message to students from Obama this morning was, in fact, one that parents, families, friends, teachers, coaches, pastors, priests, and rabbis should have been giving, but haven't or wouldn't. I wish someone had sat me down when I was 12 years old and forcefully, with love and honesty, told me in no uncertain terms all this "crap" that Obama imparted this morning. Maybe, just maybe, I would have actually accomplished something beyond efficiently converting oxygen to carbon dioxide and simply having a bona fide Birth Certificate with an official state seal attesting the fact I was born an American citizen with every right to ignore the freedoms and liberties for which millions of people from around the planet have labored and sweat and died to give to me.

Just this once, cut Obama some slack. It was a good speech. It was a good message.

We can rip on him again tomorrow for his ill advised, poorly planned, wrong headed, socialist Health Care Speech before a Joint Session of Congress.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

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Louise said...

Well said, IR, but isn't this statement a bit too modest?

"Maybe, just maybe, I would have actually accomplished something beyond efficiently converting oxygen to carbon dioxide and simply having a bona fide Birth Certificate..."

The whole thrust of your blog entry suggests otherwise.