Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Americans Should Not Be Forced to Choose Between Health Insurance and Really Cool Stuff

Lord Obama has said there are 47 million uninsured stories in the Naked City. These are some of those stories -

Reason.TV You Tube
Recently the number of uninsured stories in the Naked City has been downgraded to 30 million. Apparently, a bunch of naked folks found some clothes. More probable, they were the 17 million people here illegally, not Americans, therefore should not have been counted as "Americans" without health insurance in the first place and young people who, as we all know, are invincible.

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Indigo Rose said...

very funny, although I do know people who have made these choices.

Indigo Red said...

So do I. Now we know more because these are real people with actual answers. These folks are not actors. Ronald Reagan said there were people living on the streets who wanted to live on the street. Now we know there are folks who don't want and don't have health care insurance.